Making Bathroom Changes For Resale VS Personal Style

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The reality is, this isn’t a house nor a neighborhood I want to live in forever. So it’s really got me thinking hard about the money I spend on making the house look one way or another. Basically, changes for future resale versus changes for what I would do free range. As I'm working on this bathroom redecorating, I'm having to be careful to keep changes reversible or neutral enough to go on the market.

Before I go any further, let me thank those of you visiting from Maggie Overby Studios. I am refreshing my bathroom with future resale value in mind but still want it decorated for my current bohemian taste. Thank you to Jeweled Interiors for coordinating this Primp and Pamper Bathroom Makeover blog hop.

I hate painting walls and cannot afford to pay someone to do it for me. So if the walls are getting painted, they’re either going white, because it’s easy to paint over, or it’s going a color that I’ve researched to be a color that helps sell a house.

And that’s what I’ve spent a chunk of the last week debating. I found this article on CBS online that referenced a Zillow analysis of sold properties and found the “best” colors to paint walls based on their findings. Apparently powder blue bathrooms are a huge hit with buyers!

I am not personally a fan of powder blue. And we live in a beachside neighborhood so I took that knowledge and grabbed every paint chip in a light blue I could find at Lowe’s that didn’t have a purple hue. I’ve been playing around with them in the bathroom during different times of the day and on different walls and I found a color called Gossamer Sky by Valspar.

The color has a sophistication about it from the grayness and has a hint of green which, I feel gives it an air of beachy vibes. I really like the color.

So I’ve taped off the trim and tile and I’m on my way to go pick up a gallon of paint. I’ve never painted a bathroom before so I’m hoping this isn’t as painful as it seems it’s going to be. I’m thinking I’ll just remove the toilet altogether so I don’t have to acrobat my way around it.

The Video Log:

I haven’t picked up towels yet. I only just finished my antibiotics. Saturday I spent at my parents house for the Saint Patrick's day parade. And the rest of the weekend my husband needed the car for appointments and errands. So I’ve got an awful lot to get done before next Tuesday, eh?

Still To Get Done:

  • Paint Walls
  • Buy and Hang a Cabinet
  • Buy and Install or Paint Vanity
  • ...Rug?
  • Buy Towels. But I want to hang them on a ladder instead of bars. But I already have bars.
  • Rehang mirror. I need better hardware for this. The mirror is currently crooked.
  • I want to hang a linen curtain. And add a handheld nozzle to our shower head. But some of those things may have to wait until after reveal day.

I missed out on time being sick and missed out on working with some of the sponsors but I hope to have a completely refreshed space with ideas to share with you next week!

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I want to say my thanks to the sponsors of this blog hop challenge for providing products to us free of charge to aid in completing these inspiring bathroom makeovers!


  1. Glad your feeling better, but I'm sure you can make up some time before next week. Excited to see the new paint color on the walls.

  2. We have moved three times in the last five years, and I always try to make decisions based on re-sale. I wish I could be more daring, but I try to make my fun choices something that can be easily changed out. Glad you are feeling better!

  3. I'm convinced you're going to pull something amazing together! Can't wait to see it all!

  4. Who knew powder blue??!! Can't wait to see this space take shape for the reveal! Hope you're feeling better, girl! S

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