Vintage Media Cabinet Refresh Boho Style

I'm never totally satisfied with our media cabinet styling because decorating around a TV can be hard. Few of us have space to dedicate as a TV room and even fewer of us can go without having a TV at all. We don't actually watch a ton of movies or television in our house so we don't have a very large TV which leaves me space on either side to decorate. So how do I decorate around my TV? Let me show you!

The shape of this living room leaves few places to put the TV. It's a long rectangle, but not quite long enough to split the space into two distinct spaces. So the living room is centered in the room and the focal point is this wall. In the center is a vintage wood cabinet. There is no branding but the general consensus is that it looks like a Lane Furniture piece.

To add drama, I painted the mural behind the TV. The TV wasn't actually not on this wall when I started painting it but it does a good job of camouflaging it! Nowadays, I don't think we need to be totally concerned with hiding our TVs though. But I do think it's important to work it into decor that compliments our style in the rest of the space.

I'm left with space on either side of the TV to decorate on in my home but if your TV doesn't leave you surface space on the actual cabinet itself, you can flank it with bookcases, shelves or complimentary cabinets for extra decorating surfaces.

Styling Tips

  • For boho style decorating, you generally want to include interesting textiles, plants and unique figurines/statues/vases/etc. Balance and depth are important to be conscious of, too. 

  • Taller pieces in the back, shortest in front. Add a variety of heights between the tallest and shortest items. Match an item on either side in side/material/color for balance. 

  • Be aware of where everything is resting. Make sure from every viewing angle that the screen can be seen and remote sensors can make contact. We want beauty and function.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing view whether or not there's picture on the screen.  And the fun of it is it's all temporary. You can switch things up with the change in seasons, holidays, or with the whim of your heart.

There are two vignettes on flanking the TV on my media cabinet. The one on the left has a thrifted Buddha statue, beaded frame, small vase filled with lucky bamboo and a potted mass cane in a basket. The one on the right has two brown apothecary jars filled with neon pothos and monstera clippings, a marble house sculpture, mosaic glass tea light holders and a stacked glass lamp with DIY mudcloth lampshade.

I've picked up a lot of these pieces during different thrifting outings. Curating pieces over time that you really enjoy is the time tested way to decorating in a way that you'll love. I've also picked up decor from Target, World Market and the dollar store to achieve this look.

I hope this post has helped you think of a way to bring a new look to your media cabinet decor. Boho style can be as colorful and maximalist as you want it to be. By following our media cabinet styling tips, you can have a beautifully decorated TV stand filled with pieces you enjoy looking at before, during and after movie night.


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