Boho Living Room Makeover Design

Through a series of unexpected events, the living room at the boho abode is getting a makeover. Some of this is due to the move in the coming months but a lot of it is pure stars aligning. Layers of eclectic decor atop modern and vintage (and vintage inspired) furniture and lots of global inspired textures will come together to create a space that is interesting, makes good use of the space, and as always- is a budget friendly design.
It's been quite a while since much has changed in any of the spaces in this home so it feels a lot like Christmas 2.0. Nearly the entire space is getting made over so this will be a pretty dramatic before and after.

The To Do List:

1. Rehome old furniture
2. Sectional Sofa + Reclining Armchair
3. Bookcase
4. Simpler Curtains + Black Rods
5. 16 Cube Storage Unit for toys
6. Move in larger television + clean up media cabinet
7. Debate whether or not to change the rug
8. Paint front door + windows
9. Paint The Walls

The Design Board:

I'm going for a modern bohemian look for the space this go around. I'm doing my best to still be me while balancing the fact that this space needs to appeal to someone else if we are going to get this house sold. 

I'll be simplifying what's on the walls since a "decluttered" home is more desirable for resale. We still live here though so some of us will stay as long as it can. Basket wall collage definitely stays for sure but I'm not dead set on what else will make it on the walls. After I get the walls painted, I'll have a clearer slate to visualize things with. I'm looking for a light neutral grey and so far have it narrowed down to these possibilities:

Gilded Linen
Warm Putty | September Fog | Madison White | Bay Sands
Nuance | Aesthetic White | Stone Isle | Into The Gloaming
Gracious Greige | Accessible BeigeRepose Grey | Alpaca
Sedate Grey | Agreeable Gray | Useful Gray | Shoji White

For furniture, I've got a fabulous green sectional futon from The Futon Shop as the main focus with an accent reclining chair. A white bookcase will round out the corner with the accent recliner as my reading space. The fireplace mantel has been fun to style but the wall will now house a 16 cube bookcase for organizing various different toys and activities. The only main piece that's staying in here is the credenza I've been using as a media cabinet for years. It's sturdy and beautiful and I can't imagine what else I could possibly want here.

I'm going to switch up the lighting in here a bit and borrow some lamps I've been using in other rooms as well as bringing in these bronze plug in lamps that have a bit of a farmhouse vibe to them. Since there is no overhead light in this room, it'll help to brighten things up and tie in the other black accents in the space.

I've never been totally happy with the window treatments in this room. I've always wanted bamboo roller shades but it's never been a priority in the budget. Now that we are making changes for resale, we will dress the windows up with simple off white curtains and black curtain rods. It's simple, pretty, and budget friendly.

For a lot of reasons that circle around having a dog and child, I think I will be replacing the area rug in here too. I've found some beautiful budget friendly ones that I'm considering but I don't want to go too crazy in here since there's still a whole lot of house left to work on and some expensive repairs. So I'm daydreaming but not yet pulling the trigger yet on that change.

Meandros from RugsUSA | Faded Tribal from RugsUSA (Color Orange | Brown) |  Cinnabar from RugsUSA
Fringed Diamond (I really wanted this in Denim but now it's sold out!)

For peeks on the progress with the changes, be sure to tune into my insta stories at @TheBohoAbode because I have been and will continue to share snippets of the work there. I'll share an update again here soon and will hopefully be revealing the space before long!

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