How To Decorate Above Bedroom Dresser With Art And Color Boho Style

I did a little decorative rearranging in my bedroom recently because I wasn't feeling inspired by the space anymore. It isn't a space I spent a lot of awake time in but I was actually beginning to avoid it. I felt like the art wasn't working and I'd taken all of the books out of here to go onto the bookcase in the living room so the decor was in a bit of disarray. With a reimagined picture ledge from storage, some colorful art prints, and a bit of shopping my house, I created a cohesive boho styled dresser space in my bedroom that I am now really happy with!

This post contains Frames provided by Art To Frames and Art Prints provided by Davina Shefet. These products were gifted free of charge in exchange for this post. Lamp was gifted by Lamps Plus. Product links are affiliate links.

Here is a look at what the dresser space looked like before. Not drastically different until I took half the stuff out and left it sitting in limbo for a few weeks.

It's the only dresser in the room because the space is rather small. I love the peacock art pieces I had hung here but I don't love them in this spot. I always thought it felt a bit off that it was just the two of them squished together up there. And once I took the books out to the living room and the little trunk to my nightstand to replace the books I'd removed there, the dresser top was quite barren. I basically just let my makeup palettes and brushes take over and it didn't make me feel energized and inspired.

Especially after giving my bed a much-needed makeover, the dresser space really stuck out as neglected. We are affected by our surroundings. When parts of my home are neglected, I feel drained and anxious.

So here's what I did!

The picture ledge is leftover from my kiddo's nursery. I think I followed the plans for DIY picture ledge on Ana White's blog and used it for all the Pinterest inspired DIY art I had made at the time. Eventually, his room was made over "colorful jungle" kid's room style and a bunk bed went up and the picture ledge found it's way into the garage. I used a handsaw to cut it down to fit in the space above my dresser between the lamp and the bamboo plant.

Atop the picture ledge, I arranged three framed prints of Devina Shefet's painted art. The colors are all slightly different but coordinate beautifully together. All of her art runs along the same hues so it's easy to mix and match pieces from her different collections for a unique but still cohesive collection.

Are you on Instagram? I shared this space on stories and you can view it here!

I framed them in honey oak wood frames from Art To Frames because I liked the vintage feel of the strong wood grain and the classic shape. They remind me of every frame my mother had hung in the stairwell growing up in the 90's.  It was important the frames didn't compete with the art but I didn't want something boring or too modern either. They're unique with their own personality but still let the artwork stand out.

I filled in the empty space a little bit with a metal cursive "lucky" sign as a cheeky nod to what goes down in here and a small vase with some pothos I'm in the process of rooting. A simple beaded garland hangs across the front off centered so it feels more relaxed.

Atop the dresser, I centered a little Buddha statue holding my favorite rose quartz and carefully scattered the remaining stones around it. I like using rose quartz in the bedroom because it's the stone of the heart and unconditional love. It embodies and encourages important feelings and actions in relationships like compassion, healing, personal development, dissolves emotional wounds amongst other healing energies.

To the left, I have a neutral colored lamp with an interesting textured shape, a wavy shaped jewelry dish for soft shape, and a pink frame for the feminine touch and to continue tying in the color into this space. Behind the frame, I keep my makeup brushes. I don't like to have them right out in the open since they're a mix match of colors and styles and I find it to be too busy for me visually for a calm space. That side of the decor is anchored by a green vase with more pothos rooting.

To the right, I have lucky bamboo and some potted pothos clippings. Another frame, a lavender scented candle (because the relaxing vibes are so good), and a small handmade paper mache container to balance this side of the dresser.

The dresser itself is vintage. It's an Edward Shockey from the Sculptured Pine line. It's heavy, all wood, and stunning! I hope to have the money one day to pay someone to refinish it because it has too much potential to let her continue sitting in her storage unit state. To protect the top, I have a black and white dining table runner. I like that it adds another layer of texture and pattern, too. Because more is more is more 👌

I think it's good to incorporate pieces that you find inspiring and soothing. It can take time finding the right pieces to balance everything we need a bedroom to provide for us. Especially since relaxation and energizing can feel like such opposite energies and that's exactly what we need at the start and end of each day. That's why I like to focus on the inspiring feeling more and let other parts of my home provide the energizing I need.

Source List:
Print Of Flower Painting
Purple Sky, White Mountains Painting Print
Mozart Child Painting Print
Table Lamp
Bone And Wood Picture Frame
Rough Rose Quartz
Carved Wood Frame
Planter Pot
Table Runner

What kinds of pieces do you like to decorate your dresser with? I hope you're inspired to create a beautiful space in your own bedroom's dresser space. 


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