Relaxed Boho Lounge Room Design Plans

I'm turning my dining room into a lounge. It's technically a sunroom but it's been servings as our dining room for the past few years. But now that I've borrowed the dining table for the sunporch, I'm taking the opportunity to change the function of this space. Think warm wood tones, layered textiles, soft lighting, houseplants, and soft colors. This is the space where I want to come and relax, journal, meditate, and gather with friends. There's a living room just one room away on the other side of the kitchen but this space will be more relaxed and more of a retreat from the rest of the house. I'll be shopping my house for the majority of this relaxed boho lounge room transformation.

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I'm sharing this room's transformation as part of the Spring 2019 One Room challenge. Today I am sharing the plan for my space and for the next few week's I will be checking in weekly to share the progress I've made. On May 9th, I will be revealing the finished space along with the other guest participants of the challenge.

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Right now my plate is pretty full with trying to get the house ready to go on the market but there's still a part of us that doesn't want to go through the trouble of trying to sell the house. So as I'm getting each room together, I'm trying to balance staging the space with making it a space that still works for us in the long term. This space was originally listed as the "den" when we bought the house so this "lounge" concept works with that purpose of the space.

The Specs

This space is 14 feet by 11 feet 4 inches.
There are two sets of three windows on two walls.
It's at the back of the house looking out into the backyard.
There is a passthrough from the kitchen into this space.
It's connected to the backdoor entry space (makeover coming soon for this space)
The floors are hardwood.

The Before

Obviously (I hope), this is just an in progress shot of the space. There's a need for shoe storage. I need a cushion for the papasan chair. I need to make a decision on those baskets I was playing with on the floor. I need to pick up the pile of dead leaves I was removing from the umbrella plant moments before I took this. The chairs are going into storage for now. 

The Plan

I'll be using the second-hand sofa that used to be in the living room. It has a daybed vibe to it because of it's shape and to be honest, it's the most comfortable to sleep. I think I'm going to attempt to paint the wood parts of it grey like the inspiration piece in the moodboard. I'll also be stealing the Mohawk Moroccan rug from the living room too. It's cozy and free to move from room to room so it will be perfect for this space. I'll also be using a bench and papasan chair I found on the side of the road. Some cozy wicker pieces, a repurposed basket turned table, plants and decor that I already own will fill the space.

I need to finish the faux wainscotting I installed an embarrassingly long time ago. The wallpaper has already been coming down. Honestly, I think the wallpaper adhesive I used to install it had gone bad and it's been peeling up ever since. The adhesive smelled awful and I suspect it had been sitting on that Walmart shelf too long. In the place of the wallpaper, I'll be painting but I don't know yet what color. The whole space needs a fresh coat. I've always wanted to put up curtains in this space and even more so now that the blinds have long since been relocated to the bedrooms, the curtains will finally happen. 

The Inspo

By The Week

Week 1: Dry testing the furniture arrangement, revealing the design plan.
Week 2: Removing the remaining wallpaper, prepping walls for paint, caulking wainscotting.
Week 3: Painting the walls (I hate painting walls, I suspect this is where I falter)
Week 4: Install curtain rods and curtains, touch up paint, decorate.
Week 5: Final decorating, Photographing.
Week 6: Reveal the finished space.

Hopefully I can keep on schedule since the biggest project is really just painting. Y'all wish me luck my Spring allergies don't put me on my butt these next few weeks 😂. If I can get through this, you're all invited to come over for drinks and treats in the new relaxed boho lounge at the boho abode.


  1. Wow - I can't wait to see this space transformed. I love all the Boho elements!! I love your design board. Good luck and I'm excited to follow along!

  2. This room is going to be so good! I love the plan! Hopefully painting is nice and painless for you.

  3. What a great space! I love all the natural light and your plan looks amazing! I love the boho vibe and look forward to seeing the end result!

  4. I can't wait to see how this space comes together. I love that you're repurposing items that you already have and love. Knowing you- I know that this will be cozy and comfortable and I can't wait for that drink!

  5. Oh my goodness. A lounge area sounds so wonderful and love the design elements you've chosen as inspiration. Can't wait to see how your room progresses.

  6. I already love this room...just from the plan! I'm a big believer that we need to create spaces that work for our families regardless the formal name of the room. I've often thought about switching my dining room to the great room, the great room to the dining room and the living room to an office. LOL... Say that three times really quickly...Can't wait to see your progress each week. You have a sweet space coming...

  7. I love the boho inspiration board you have created, so many fun patterns and colors this is going to be fun to follow!

  8. This feels so you! Absolutely looking forward to seeing what you do.


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