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The Boho Lounge is a space in my home where we can step away from the chaos of life and rejuvenate ourselves with rest, libations and inspiration with company and in solitude. Different from the pace of life that happens in the main living room of The Boho Abode, The Boho Lounge has been designed to be a retreat. Seamlessly transitioning from the gathering place to pour and share drinks, the place for a nap while the birds sing, the place for pulling out all of the books for learning and dreaming up new ideas, the place for pulling out board games and cards, and the place for meditating. The Boho Lounge is for all of the parts of life that fuel, spiritually.

Where did this room start?

7 weeks ago, this room was our dining room. It's actually a sunroom and was listed as a "den" when we bought the house. I took everything out of the room and started with a blank space.

Why a Lounge?

Some people dedicated entire rooms to watching movies. Me? I dedicate entire rooms to lounging.

How is it different from the living room?

The living room is more of the day to day hanging out. It's a busier space. At the front of the house, the front door opens straight into this space so it's the first place all of the outside world's energies rush in. We watch shows and movies in there. Kiddo plays with his friends in here. We snack, sort mail, go over school assignments. The lounge is designed to be a space to get away from those things.

Projects Undertaken?

Painting Two Tone Walls & DIY Wainscoting

Installing Sputnik Chandelier

DIY Conduit Curtain Rods

Macrame Wicker Table 

Twinkle Light Table

China Cabinet Hutch Turned Bar Cabinet

The Boho Lounge Tour:

Room Sources?

Most of the furniture, decor, plants, textiles I already had on hand. The china cabinet that I split into two pieces of furniture I had bought through craigslist a few years ago. The sofa was also bought on craigslist a few years ago. As was the wicker table in the center of the room.

The Papasan chair was found in a pile of trash. The bench was also found in roadside trash.

I painted the old accent table from when my husband and I first got married white.

The hyacinth table was from LampsPlus but they no longer stock it. They do have lots of other outdoor safe end tables though. The sputnik is also from LampsPlus but is only available in gold sputnik and nickel sputnik. It wasn't available in the gold at the time I received it, I think that one looks gorgeous!

The blue basket was from Wayfair and the brass tray atop it I found at a thrift store a few years ago.

The pink pouf is from World Market.

The record player stereo was a gift from my brother.

The rug is the Moroccan Area Rug by Mohawk at Walmart.

Shop The Look:

Wicker Accent Table
Bar Cabinet
Papasan Chair
Record Player
Area Rug
Floor Poufs

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  2. I love how the hutch turned out and I would like to lounge there already!

  3. Holy cow girl!! It looks amazing already!

  4. I would love to hang out in the Boho Lounge! I love all these bohemian details you added and your bar is simply perfect! Enjoy!

  5. I really love how your lounge came together. Using what you already had in new ways shows real ingenuity and creativity. The pink curtains are the perfect color to bring all the other colors together. Great job!

  6. Your lounge turned out amazing, Corinna! I love all the textures and all the interesting eye candy in this room. The wicker items are some of my favorites. Congrats on a job well done!

  7. Corinna, it's gorgeous! I love all of the texture! It looks like a fun room to hide from the kids and enjoy a glass of wine in. Enjoy your beautiful room!

  8. That daybed is just amazing! And your pillow collection is to die for!

  9. I could definitely lounge there! I love all the boho touches. Great job!

  10. Love this room! I want to come over and read here. Congrats!

  11. This room is so gorgeous! You did an amazing job.


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