Something Different: The Boho Abode Summer Home Tour

It's summertime! I've refreshed some rooms and spaces of our home for the different pace of life that summer brings. Our home still has so much work, so many unfinished spaces, and there's never enough time or money. But I am so happy with the spaces we've worked on and can't wait to share them with you. Today I am going to take you on a tour of The Boho Abode Summer style. Let's dive in!

Some of the products used in these spaces were originally sponsored product. This post contains affiliate links.

Something Different: I am so excited to have had the opportunity to team up with 20 other talented bloggers for the Something Different Summer Home Tour blog hop. Something Different features a unique mix of home styles so you can expect to see "something different" in each of the home tours. I'll have links to all of the blog posts at the end of my tour.

First time here? My name is Corinna and The Boho Abode is a 1950's 1,300 square foot 3 bedroom, 1 bath home in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. September will be 7 years living in this home with my husband, kiddo (who just turned 7 yesterday!) and our dog and cat. I have been making over each room (and some rooms have been through several evolutions) as our budget has allowed us. The Boho Abode blog is where I share the progress and projects that have gone into making our home what it is.

What I ask myself when redecorating: The first question I have for myself when redecorating spaces in my home is "What is life going to look like in here?" This goes for seasonal changes, holiday decorating, and just regular changes from boredom/realizing a space aren't working for us at the time. Now that summer is upon us, life looks a lot different.

What summer life looks like at The Boho Abode: We use our home as a respite from the hot summer sun in the afternoon and as a place to retire to each night. Mornings and evenings are largely spent outside and away from our home.

What that means for summer decorating: It means for the inside of our home, everything is kept simple. We don't need lots of cozy layers. The majority of our home is in "set it and forget it" mode for the summer. The sun porch and backyard are what gets the most attention. From deep cleaning to pulling out textiles and decor, a few weeks are dedicated to the hard labour so that the rest of the season can be spent enjoying it.

The Boho Kitchen

The first room I want to share with you is my kitchen. There are a few spaces of my home I never, ever share because they just aren't where I want them to be. I'm sure a lot of us feel that way though so I'm going to share a bit more in this tour. The kitchen is where my day officially starts. And if you visit in real life, it's the first room I'll usher you in to so we can get you set up with drinks and snacks to make you comfortable.

To the right of the sink, I have my morning starters. The cabinet above houses all of our mugs, teas, coffees, etc. On the counter, I switch back and forth between the electric kettle and a coffee maker. For summertime, I've been enjoying this peach lemon loose tea for its fruitier flavour. This year I made it a priority to stop buying tea in bags in an effort to reduce the amount of waste I produce. So far it's been great! I use this tea infuser and find the loose tea at my regular grocery store. I am on the hunt for fair trade loose tea though so let me know if you have a favourite!

Aqua Electric KettleTea Infuser | Peach Lemon Tea | Toran

And to the left of the sink is where all the food prep and baking happens. It's not a lot of counter space but I'm really happy with the amount of cabinetry we have right now. Balance is key, I remind myself. This week I was baking a chocolate banana cake as requested by my kiddo and I obliged because it was his birthday yesterday! 

The Boho Lounge

Looking through the kitchen pass thru, you'll see The Lounge. This room was just completed for the One Room Challenge. So if you're a regular here at The Boho Abode, you'll recognize this space as I just shared it a few weeks ago. Things are always shifting and changing around here though so I wanted to be sure I shared it again with its current summer mode changes.

Curtains | Accent Rug | Light Fixture | Yellow Throw Blanket | Trapo Pillow | Mudcloth Pillow

I mostly just find myself being a lazy bum in here. It's nice to light some incense, start a record, and eat half a loaf of freshly baked banana bread. I had a lot of bananas go ripe this week, haha. The whole family finds themselves back here at some point during the day. 

The Boho Sun Porch

This is another one of those spaces I've been keeping hidden for the most part. I'm still stumped on what I'm going to do with the floors. They're covered in hideous adhesive that held down the hideous astroturf someone glued to the concrete floors in here. And there seems to be an impenetrable amount of dirt stuck to the siding. I swear I scrubbed but you probably won't believe me if you look that way. I spend a lot of happy hours out here though so large rugs to hide most of the floors, chairs, coffee, and plants make the perfect setting for the cooler parts of the day. 

Do you see my little shadow? 

I've outfitted the table with my favorite round tapestry and brought out throw blankets and pillows in lieu of the outdoor cushions I keep forgetting to buy. Whenever I come out here, I wonder where all these plants are going to go next Winter. I had bought a couple of new ones for the porch and relocated many from inside but then my neighbor had to move suddenly and she left me a bunch of her houseplants. They sure do fill out the space nicely though! A perfect distraction from ugly floors. 

The Boho Backyard

Beyond the sunporch is our little backyard. We have a pecan and mulberry tree planted by a previous owner back here. And in the garden are daffodils, hostas, peonies, hydrangeas, and camellias. It's nicely shaded for a lot of the day which makes soccer, badminton, picnics, lounging, and swinging regular parts of our week. 

The Boho Bathroom

And I figure if you were visiting in real life, you'd probably end up visiting our bathroom at some point. This room also gets the set it and forget it treatment. Besides giving everything the weekly scrub down, I don't come in here but for functional reasons and selfies. That bathroom window has the best diffused light for selfies by the way. Just in case you ever need that information when you visit, haha.

Shower Curtain | Hand Towel | Sink Faucet | Lights

The Boho Bedroom

And since I'd be nosey and would want to look at your bedroom too, here's mine. I've put away the duvet for now and just have linen sheets and a waffle knit blanket on the bed. Here in another few weeks, summer will start blazing and the air conditioning will get cranked up. That's when the duvet comes back out for me! Right now I'm enjoying these last week weeks of Spring-like weather. 

Suzani Area Rug | Waffle Knit Blanket | Throw Blanket | Lumbar Throw

I hope you've found this tour to be a unique experience! Our home and budget are small so I hope to have shared ideas that are helpful for those of you in a similar situation. Please take the time to check out more of the blog and come back again soon for more inspiration to curate beautiful spaces you'll enjoy living in.


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  1. so beautiful and welcoming, corinna! i LOVE that sunporch so so much! i love how unique and personal your home is, and i also love your hair but that has nothing to do with your home...

  2. Looooved this!! Such a fun tour & so fun to learn more about :))

  3. Corinna your sunporch is amazing!! And that shot of your sweet boy! Fab tour babe!!

  4. Love your home, Corinna!! In our last home we had a sunroom with vinyl siding on one wall, I painted it in an ombré pattern! Thanks for the tour of your cozy home!

  5. I love this! Your house makes me want to completely makeover mine and start from scratch, minus about four pieces. I honestly hate part of my house and it all involves an old, green couch and a rug that's home to my dog's accidents. I'm hoping a trip to the car wash will help remove the smell or else it's trash (and it's such a nice, thick, soft rug!).


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