Macrame Fringe Wicker Table Tutorial

One of the easier projects of the making of The Boho Lounge was adding a bohemian macrame fringe to an old wicker table. The old trim of the table had fallen apart years ago and I've always wanted to do something to jazz it up some. The little loops are perfect for stringing small rope through so I thought it would be the perfect simple project to embellish this old table. Giving life to this weathered wicker table has made it into a fun bohemian element of The Boho Lounge.
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This macrame trim uses really simple, beginner friendly knots so if you've never experimented with macrame before but still want to add this fun detail to a piece in your home this is a great place to start. The Lark's head knot and Overhand knots are knots a lot of us have used elsewhere in our lives. I've included a short slideshow that shows exactly how I created this macrame fringe for my wicker table.

Sometimes on poorly cared for wicker tables, the finishing can start to come apart. One option is to repair it. Another option is to pull the damaged wicker out and you'll be left with these intertwining loops of wicker that make a perfect base for embellishing. 

How To Create Macrame Fringe On A Wicker Table


Wicker Table
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Sequence Of Knots:

Essentially though, you could use these kinds of knots in this pattern to embellish any number of things, Anything with a lip to start the knots on, you can create the pattern on. Here are a couple of ideas for adding a macrame fringe:
  • Picture Frames
  • Other wicker furniture
  • Metallic Rings
  • Baskets (display baskets and storage baskets)
  • Dowel (make a curtain!)
  • Handles
I think woven objects like wicker tables, chairs, and baskets are the perfect pieces for adding textural detail with macrame. There's built-in space for starting the knots and the combination of materials looks really cool. 

Honestly, I've just always been a big fan of macrame. I made a lot of hemp cord jewelry in middle and high school. If only I'd know about all of the cool things made available to me now through the internet that can be done with those knots and twine. I find it all fascinating and inspiring. 

This project was a fun way to fill an hour of my day without a screen or chore. It was purely for my own enjoyment and I found that to be quite therapeutic. It's nice to take a step away from obligations and do something creative even if it is something small like this.

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