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I can't imagine living in a home without plants. Maybe you feel the same way, maybe not. But we probably agree that plants can make a lovely gift. There are different ways of gifting a plant. Some involve more time, other are quick and easy. There's definitely something here for everyone.

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5 Ways To Gift Plants

I love plants. How about you? Plants make a great gift and they're something I regularly gift to people.There are 5 different ways I gift plants to people and I wanted to share them with you.

1. Create A Terrarium

Plants like small succulents, cacti, and air plants do well in terrariums. You can get your DIY on and create a cute little terrarium for the giftee to keep their plant in. You just need a vessel, filler (will vary based on which plant you're using), plant, and decor. Include a small spray bottle with the terrarium so they're ready to begin caring for their new plant right away.

2. Propagate Your Own Plants

Got a bit of a green thumb yourself and have plant to spare? Lots of plants can be clipped to create new plants.Cacti, Succulents, Pothos, Monstera, Umbrella plants, Snake plants and many, many more plants are easy enough to split. If you're just starting out. I highly recommend starting with a pothos. They're really easy to split and are practically guaranteed to root. You'll want to start this process about a month in advance so that roots have enough time to grow. After that you're about to pot in soil. Include hand written plant care instructions for that extra handmade touch.

3. Create A "Living Vase"

So you don't have a month to grow roots? That's okay too! Another way I like to gift my cuttings is to create a "living vase." I scour my yard for nice looking branches to cut form my bushes and tuck them around a cutting from one of my houseplants that will root in water. Include instructions to let the giftee know that in a months time they can take that cutting and plant in soil.

4. Gift A Plant Delivery Subscription

New plants delivered straight to your door? Sounds like a dream come true. And it is a dream come true. There really is a subscription box for everything these days. Planty Dropper lets you take a quiz so that the plants sent to you match your current level of skill and home conditions. There are three levels to choose from (1, 2, and 3 plants) and each box includes instructions and a surprise plant related gift (think water meter, bonus plants, macrame hanger, etc). Buy for yourself and share the plants or gift a subscription to someone.

5. Pot A Plant

An easy but still thoughtful way to gift a plant is to buy a plant and pair it with a nice pot. Pots can be expensive so it's always nice to include one when giving a plant to someone. If you're not sure what the skill level of the person you're gifting a plant to, there are many forgiving beginner friendly plants. My favorites are Pothos, Monstera, African Milk Tree, Mass Cane, Umbrella Plant, Dracaena, ZZ plant, and Rubber tree plant.

Have you ever been gifted a plant? Have you ever gifted a plant to someone? Share your experience in the comments below!

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