5 Simple Winter Wellness Things To Do And Use

Winter has settled in and that means a different pace of life. The things I want to do aren't necessarily the things I should do through this season though. If you can relate, I have a few simple things you can do in your journey to winter wellness. These are little things you can add into your daily routine to keep you healthier, happier, and all around well.

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5 Simple Winter Wellness Things To Do And Use

Does Winter just make you want to curl up, eat all the comfort foods and wait out the cold for Spring? It sure does make me feel that way. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I truly wish I could just hibernate through Winter. That's not an option though. And it's certainly not the way to wellness. There are little things I've been working into my days that are beneficial on many levels.

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Drink Tea

You know tea is good for you, right? The health benefits of drinking tea have been published over and over again. There really isn't a type of tea out there that doesn't have some kind of benefit for us. For Winter specifically, I like to keep echinacea, green tea, lavender chamomile, and lemon balm on hand. Echinacea for illness prevention, Green Tea for an antioxidant boost, Lavender Chamomile for calm vibes, and Lemon Balm for a boost in mood. This is just a small list of teas and potential benefits available. Try a tea sampler set like this one to get an idea of what you like.

Soak In Daylight

It's so important for us to be getting adequate amounts of sunlight. I know it's best to be getting outside to soak in some sunshine on the days we have it. I just do not like the cold though. What I've done is create lounge spots near the biggest windows in my home. They get sunlight during large portions of the day. I've made these spots places I want to spend large portions of my day so I'm getting some sunlight exposure. Between long work days and shorter periods of time to get into sunlight, it may be more realistic to pick up a light therapy lamp that can be used any time.

Desert Mist Diffuser from Young Living

Run Your Diffuser

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and make your home smell amazing. Using essential oils and a good quality diffuser can support good moods and good health. Not only do blends like thieves smell amazing this time of year, it may also keep illness away. Thieves has a spicy aroma thanks to the cinnamon and clove that I especially enjoy this time of year. Peppermint or the Raven blend are minty and can be helpful in opening up airways while fighting off sickness. And bright citrus essential oils like orange, lemon, and grapefruit can be motivating and energizing. Doesn't that sound lovely this time of year?

CBD Salve from Chasity

Apply CBD Salves

Dry skin is an unfortunate part of our winters. But I refuse to suffer through it. My friend Cassity makes a delightful CBD salve that I use to keep my skin happy through all the winter ailments. I use it to calm and heal eczema patches, soothe dry skin, hydrate hands and feet, protect against chapped skin and speed healing of aches, bruises, and minor wounds. She creates many different CBD infused products and she farms her own plants. I feel really good using a product that works so well and supports such a lovely person. The whole family uses it any time we have a skin issue so thankfully a little goes a long way.

Dwelling Book and Dwelling Journal from Amazon

Utilize Wellness Books/Journals

Look forward to a pocket of time each day fueling your wellness with books and journals. I enjoy rereading the Dwelling book whenever I need a boost in encouragement in my wellness journey. It's easy to put her suggestions into action because they're simple. She's just come out with a companion journal that I'm excited to utilize this year. Each month has a blank calendar, a page to set three focused intentions for the month, dedicated pages to following up throughout the month on those intentions, and 4 journaling invitations per month (great for tackling one each week!). It's beautiful, low stress, and feels like it'll truly compliment a year of intentional living.

Being Well In Winter

I've spent a lot of time the past 7 years feeling my worst in Winter. There were a lot of health issues that needed to be addressed but I also just wasn't making any effort in feeling well in winter. Getting on the right medical care helped a lot, but adding in simple intentional changes to my routine are when I feel my best.

Are you ready for your best winter? I'm looking forward to being a homebody. Full of days enjoying little routines that make me happy and healthy. I hope you feel well through this winter.

What simple things do you do to feel well through winter?



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