Gilded Floral Jewelry Hanger Tutorial | Dollar Store DIY

I've been working on refreshing my bedroom since last summer and the room is pretty much complete. There are a few things that I knew needed to be done though. And one of those things was to find a way to store and display my small jewelry collection. A mix of DIY, dollar store supplies, and a sunny afternoon and I had myself a gilded floral jewelry hanger. Today I'm excited to share the tutorial with you. 
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DIY Gilded Floral Jewelry Hanger Tutorial

The inspiration for this project came after watching Bargain Bethany's and Nava Rose's Dollar Tree Anthropologie DIY videos. In their videos they use Dollar Tree's faux florals and gold spray paint to create a gilded look in their projects. I loved the look and had filed the idea away in my brain.

Around the same time I was giving my bedroom a bit of a makeover and took out the frame that I had put hooks in for hanging my jewelry on. The jewelry sat in a dresser drawer for a few months. Then I went to put on one of my necklaces and found them all tangled together. I knew I needed a new solution to storing my jewelry and that's when the gilded florals idea came back to me.

Shopping Dollar Store for Supplies

I took a trip to a nearby Dollar Tree and looked around for something with hooks I could hang the jewelry on. I ended up finding the Tool Bench brand wall mount metal hanger. It has five hooks and comes with hanging hardware. It seems like the perfect hanger for the amount of jewelry I keep.

At the same Dollar Tree I looked through the faux floral section. I ended up selection a bundle of white roses, an Easter pick that had two plastic fern pieces, a bundle of tiny plastic roses, and a bundle of daisy looking flowers. This mix gave me a bit of variety to play with though I didn't end up using any pieces from the Easter pick. The metal hanger is quite small so it doesn't need a lot.

Assembling The Jewelry Hanger

Putting it all together was so easy. I used a small glue gun with glue sticks I bought from the dollar store to attach the faux florals the way I wanted them arranged. Once the glue was set, I took the whole thing outside for a few coats of Rustoleum's Bright Coat gold spray paint.

I used small nails from a picture hanging kit that I had on hand from the dollar store to hang the jewelry hanger. Ideally I would've used clear command hooks but the ones I had were too fat to fit into the holes of the hanger.

Gilded Floral Jewelry Hanger

Thanks to The DIY Mommy's Organization DIY and Decor Challenge, I finally had reason to set aside time to work on this little project. Little projects like this are my favorite but I don't usually prioritize them because of all the "big" things that feel like they need to be done.

I love the way this gilded floral jewelry hanger adds a little bit of feminine glam to my bedroom. A few dollar store supplies, a little DIY, and it turned out so cute. I love that my jewelry is organized and displayed in a way that I can easily use and enjoy my pieces.

The spray paint gave the plastic pieces an impressive metallic finish. And the fabric flowers still have a really good gold look to them too. If you could find all plastic botanical pieces it would be really shiny.

Now that this project is done, the room is practically complete. I just need to get a proper window treatment up on the side window, a new mattress, and purge/organize my wardrobe better. It's a good place to be.

What ways are you organizing your home this season?

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  1. that turned out so well! i am loving all of your projects lately! :) i mean, i always do, but even MORE.


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