Luxe Tassel Fireplace Garland With SmithHonig | NYNR Challenge

Aren't fireplaces such lovely things? The warmth they provide and their architectural beauty make them a piece to covet. And covet them I do! I don't have a functional fireplace but I do have a salvaged mantel that I love to dress up. Recently I painted it black and the velvety finish begged for a luxurious bohemian garland. I paired some stunning silk tassels with jewelry making material to create a luxe tassel fireplace garland and I'm excited to share the tutorial with you today.
This post contains product provided by a sponsor of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge. 

Luxe Tassel Fireplace Garland With SmithHonig

My home does not have a fireplace so I bought a salvaged wood mantel through craigslist. I've painted it  twice and moved it around the house to have an extra little something wherever I've felt like I needed it. Mine may not heat up the home, but it sure is fun to decorate!

I wanted a luxurious feeling garland to pop against the velvety black paint of the mantel. Thanks to SmithHonig's beautiful silk tassels, I've created a luxe boho tassel garland that adds a stylish touch to this part of the dining room. This is just one of the projects I'm working on in my dining room and I can't wait to share the rest of them with you. Make sure you continue following along!

Supplies To Make The Garland:

Chain, Clasp, and Jump Rings Set
Silk Tassel from SmithHonig
Needle Nose Pliers

How To Make The Garland:

This garland is so easy to make and uses just a few materials. It's perfect! I did most of it while watching an episode of my favorite show (The Office, if you're wondering). I chose to work with SmithHonig's silk tassels for this project. They have a luxe feeling about them and the detailed brass bead fits into my style perfectly. These tassels are large and add a dose of gorgeous impact anywhere they're used. I'm using the color "lotus" but there's other colors too so you can find something you love.

The tassels have a long loop for hanging and this loop is larger than what I need for this project. In the video, I share how to shorten the loop without damaging the tassel itself. It's a completely reversible way of doing it.

Once the loop is shortened, I took two jump rings and attached them to one another. I then attached one of the rings to the loop at the top of the tassel. A pair of standard needle nose pliers works easy enough for this but if you have jewelry making pliers those may be easier to use on such a small piece.

After that, attach a jump ring to either end of the jewelry making chain. This makes it easy to hang the garland on a standard nail head. Then it's just a matter of attaching the loose jump ring on each of the tassels to the chain. In the video I shared how I determined where to hang each tassel.

Isn't that easy? Let's get it hung!

Luxe Tassel Fireplace Garland

I am so in love with how this turned out. It turned out just as beautiful as I had hoped it would. It's the perfect garland for this mantel and it exudes the vibe I'm going for in this room. I call it Parisian Boho. What do you think? Does that description fit?

Week 2 Of The New Year New Room Refresh Challenge

It's week two of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge and I don't want you to miss any of the posts being shared today. There's design boards, progress posts, and projects shared from all of the bloggers today. The links for all of the blog posts are below.

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