Refinishing A Second Hand Table | French Provincial

By far the most important piece in the dining room is the place to sit and eat. It's the place we gather to and share happy memories and good times. It's also the main focus of the room and that makes it important to the design. Finding my French Provincial table really set the direction for the dining room's design. The dining table needed a makeover though and that's where refinishing the second hand table comes in. Today's New Year New Room Project is just that!
This post contains product supplied by Velvet Finishes, an official sponsor of the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge.

Refinishing A Second Hand Table

The Table:

I love it when I put something out into the universe and the universe comes through. I had been on the hunt for a dining room table and shared my frustration with not finding one on Instagram a while back. Almost immediately, I start checking the usual pages again and I find a lovely table. For $60! I kept checking over the course of a few days and it wasn't sold so I messaged the seller. I explained to the seller I had some questions because I needed to be sure it would fit in my car. This sweet person offered to deliver it to me so that I wouldn't need to worry about that. And delivered it for free!


Velvet Finishes Ready Spray
Velvet Finishes Minimalistic Furniture Paint
Velvet Finishes Enhance Dark Glaze
Velvet Finishes Protect
Paint Brush
Drop Cloth

The Refinishing Process: 

I worked on the table over the course of 3 days. On the first day I started quite late in the day and it was all about the prep work. I rolled the area rug up and moved it out of the way and laid out two dollar store tarps beneath the table. Then I sprayed a generous layer of Velvet Finishes Ready Spray. I love how easy this spray is to use when prepping a piece for paint. Honestly, every step of their system is so easy. After it soaked a bit, I used a rag to wipe the excess off and called it a day.

On day 2, I gave the top of the table a light sanding. The previous owner painted it with a cheap roller and little hairs from the roller were stuck all of the surface. A light sanding removed any evidence of the hairs. Then I jumped into painting. I chose Velvet Finishes ultra pure white paint called Minimalistic. I've used this and their black paint called "Luxurious." I found the Minimalistic paint dried to more of a matte finish whereas Luxurious had some sheen and looked velvety.  I painted a total of 3 coats over the whole table on day 2.

Then on day 3, I just painted the top of the table. The legs were pretty well covered but the top still had a few spots that needed to be evened out. After that had dried I went around the base of the table and applied and wiped away a generous layer of Velvet Finishes Enhance Dark Glaze. I really wanted those pretty French Provincial details to pop and this gave them the perfect amount of pop. Once that was dried, I painted on a layer of Velvet Finishes Protect and left it to cure.

French Provincial Second Hand Table Makeover

And then she was done! I was already so in love with this table but she really shines with the Velvet Finishes touch. It feels finished and luxurious. I wish I could invite you all around the table to experience it for yourself.

New Year New Room Refresh Challenge 

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Have you ever made over a piece of furniture before?


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