15 Simple Ways To Enjoy Being Home

15 Simple Ways To Enjoy Being Home  - TheBohoAbode

For the homebody, spending time at home is already a joy. Sometimes a change in routine leaves us unsure of what to do with our time at home though. Or maybe you're not a homebody who has found themselves stuck at home for one reason or another. There are simple joys in being home and I've rounded up my favorites for you to try today.

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Finding Simple Ways To Enjoy Being Home  - TheBohoAbode

9 Simple Ways To Enjoy Being Home 

A lot of enjoying time at home is about slowing down and letting ourselves live in that moment. Take a break from chores and the to-do list and take on one or more of these activities to enjoying being home.

Simple Screen-Free Activities

It's pretty easy to waste away a day with a screen front of us. And while it's good fun enjoying shows, movies, online articles and social media, it does us good to take time away from it all as well. Whether you're enjoying time at home alone or with someone, all of these activities can be enjoyed.


1. Play A Card Game

A deck of cards takes up very little space and yet they can be used to play an endless number of games. I enjoy playing solitaire on my own and go fish with my kiddo but there's an array of games you can learn in a single afternoon.

Simple Pleasures Spending Time At Home - TheBohoAbode

2. Bake Something

Nothing makes a home smell more lovely that fresh baked goods. It doesn't have to be something complicated. Break and bake cookies can be just as much fun as from scratch when you're taking the time to focus of the little joys in the experience.

Try These Muffin Recipes

3. Get Crafty

Create something new! There are so many great ways to get creative and you may have all the supplies you need to craft something new.

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4. Read

Dive into imaginary worlds, learn something new, improve your mindset, these are all things you can do from the comfort of your favorite spot and a good book. My favorite books are ones that blend self help with home care. They're my favorite subjects! If you enjoy those topics too, check out the books by Melissa Michaels.

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5. Make Personal Care Items

There's more than crafts and baked goods that can be made from the comfort of home, you can make personal care goods as well. Try a body scrub and bath soak infused with beneficial essential oils. Customize ingredients for your own needs and avoid unnecessary ingredients that can be not so great for our skin.

Try These DIY Recipes

6. Use Personal Care Items

Once you've made your personal care goods, set aside the time to use them. How fun to treat yourself to an at home spa day. Or simply incorporate a 5 minute addition to our morning and evening routine. Sometimes it's the little things that make us enjoy being home.

7. Brew Tea

Good for the soul and good for the body, the relaxing ritual of brewing tea should be something everyone does. GlobeIn has a variety of Artisan Boxes with teas and tea mugs for a special, ethical experience. Their March Infuse box comes with three flavours of Tea Drops, a copper plated tea strainer, and the beautiful chimini tea pot with natural lid. The perfect accompaniment to tea time.

Their monthly Artisan boxes bring an experience to your front door every month that you can enjoy at home. Get $30 off your Artisan Box subscription with my referral link.

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8. Use An Activity Book

Adult coloring books were all the rage years ago but activity books have always been a relaxing way to pass the time. Sudoku, word search, crossword, and coloring books are credited with strengthening the mind too!

9. Journal

Thoughts, doodle, dreams and plans. I love to keep lots of notebooks and sketchbooks around for it all. Guided journals can be great for those of us who go blank when faced with a blank page. Others like the freedom of a blank page. It's worth trying different things.

Simple Screen Focused Activities

I can't discredit the value screens add to enjoying time spent at home. They're fantastic for bringing people together and for filling time when we are alone. There's so much more to mindless scrolling though. Try these ideas to make more of your screen time.

10. Watch A Movie

Grab your favorite blankets and pillows, gather your favorite snacks, close the drapes and turn on a movie. Browse a section of movies you don't often go through or put on an old favorite. It's a good time either way.

11. Go On Virtual Tours

These top museums offer video tours you can enjoy from home:

12. Create A Playlist

I remember doing this all the time when I was a teenager! Computers were still relatively new (at least in my world) and having the ability to control my own radio was life changing. We can still find that same joy in customizing playlists for cleaning home, relaxing, working out, hosting gatherings.

13. Browse A Blog

There are so many talented bloggers out there sharing advice and insight on every topic imaginable. I love that it's a way to connect, learn, and pass the time.

14. Join An Online Community

I love Facebook for this. It's a platform I had considered abandoning but I love connecting with people in special interest groups. If you're into anything, there's a Facebook group for it.

Join The Bohemian Interiors Facebook Group

15. Learn Something

You don't have to commit to college courses to learn something online these days. There's a plethora of YouTube tutorials and articles covering every topic you could want to know something about. And if you prefer to learn in a structured way, there are classes for as little at $5 on Groupon. It can be fun to learn something new just to learn something new.

How will you be enjoying your days indoors? Share your favorite activities in the comments below!

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