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Lately when designing rooms in my home, my first instinct is to think of where I can add the biggest impact with the lowest amount of effort. I'm addicted to the way a room feels after something dramatic has been added. More than anything though, I love when I can makeover the vibe of a room with minimal energy. Murals are a perfect way of adding a lot of impact to a room design with low effort. Today I'm going to show you how I created an accent wall in my child's room with a Photowall mural.

This post contains product provided by Photowall.

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Big Impact Low Effort Design | Photowall Mural Accent Wall

Installing A Mural

I have experienced hanging traditional paste and hang wallpaper, peel and stick mural, and peel, stick wallpaper, and now paste and hang mural. There are things I like and don't like about each of them. Photowall has done a brilliant job of making the process easier than my previous experiences with similar products.

Photowall supplies all of their murals with a powdered paste that's made easily with warm water when you're ready to apply. I found the paste they include to be much easier to work with than wallpaper paste I've bought at the home improvement stores before. It's a thick consistency and yet it still spreads easily with a brush.

The mural paper comes in two different options. I chose the standard paper as it's just going in a bedroom and won't be coming in contact with much. I never knew the joys of worrying about wall material durability until I had a kiddo of my own. Walls get so much dirtier than I ever thought they could. Anyways, the standard style of paper is still quite thick so it doesn't wrinkle of fold easily when you're working with it.

The installation process took a bit more than an hour for me. Not bad for an 8 foot x 9 foot wall. It would have taken me much longer to paint the wall and it wouldn't have been nearly as cool looking.

An Accent Wall 

I've said it over and over, but I do not enjoy painting walls. In fact, I feel much stronger about it than that. That's why I love murals though. For less effort than painting a wall, I can have bigger impact. It's a win-win situation.

Murals are so much more interesting that plainly painted wall, too. You can bring any kind of vibe into a room with a mural. From the imaginitive to the outdoors and everything inbetween, there's no limit to what you can put on a wall these days. As foggy forest lovers, this is the perfect mural for us.

Photowall Foggy Forest Mural - Big Impact Low Effort Design  Accent Wall - Kid room design TheBohoAbode
The fact that I love the mural isn't everything though. This room was designed for my favorite client - my child. The fact the he loves it makes it so much more rewarding. The older he gets, the more exciting it is to fulfilled his room requests. Honestly though, a foggy forest mural, how dreamy is that?

Big Impact Low Effort Design  Photowall Mural Accent Wall - Designed A Kids Bedroom TheBohoAbode

Close Up Detail Of Big Impact Low Effort Design  Photowall Mural Accent Wall - TheBohoAbode

Designed A Kids Room - Big Impact Low Effort Design  Photowall Mural Accent Wall - TheBohoAbode blog

The next time you're looking to add something exicting to the walls in your home, check out Photowall's options. They create posters, prints and wallpaper in Sweden and deliver it quickly straight to your home. The quality is fantastic and the designs will fill your home with big impact, low effort style.

[See Photowall Posters Above My Dresser Here]

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