Adding Drama Without Paint | Minted Midnight Petals Mural

Craving change but don't want to commit to a new look permanently? Me too! Lately there's been more and more black walls popping up everywhere. While I love the look, black paint isn't the easiest to get opaque and then painted over later. Thankfully there's lots of options for adding drama without the work and permanence. My favorite of those options is the peel and stick mural!

This post contains gifted product. 

Install A Moody Mural With Me

I recently applied the midnight petals mural from minted and it's added all the moody drama I was looking for in my living room.  It's deep and dark but it's also so much more interesting than just a solid wall of black.

I usually try to avoid painting if I can help it. I am not a fan of the prep work involved, the potential mess, the time commitment to multiple layers. Give me a giant ugly wall bandaid any day!

About The Mural

Minted murals are peel and stick and come in a few different options for sizing. The designs are all created by real artists. You can view their work, information, and if the artist is open to commissions you can request work too.

I chose the Midnight Petals Mural because it's dark, has color in it that fit the design of the room, and adds femininity to a room with a lot of masculine features.

About The Application

With helpful photos and videos, every part of the process from choosing a mural to installing the mural is easy for even the newest of installers. 

The mural itself is a thin woven material. It cuts very easily. When coming up to outlets and other obstacles, it doesn't take much effort to slice an opening to continue smoothing. The sticky side is very sticky. There were many times I accidentally wrinkled or folded to mural on itself and it's a bit of effort getting it unstuck from itself. Of course this is less likely to happen when installing the panels vertically as designed. It peels back easily from the wall when repositioning though.

They're not really designed for short, wide walls like I have in my home. I chose to get a taller mural and installed it sideways. This is a bit challenging because the panels are cut to install vertically. Installing them horizontally means you have a lot of heavy mural to keep steady as you line the design up. I still found this to be significantly easier than painting the wall though for what it's worth.

With Minted's wall murals, you can literally turn your wall into a piece of art. I love the way the mural looks on my wall and I can't wait to finish the rest of the room around it. 

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