Organizing & Purging All My Clothes

Being stuck at home can mean two things for my wardrobe. I either wear the same thing day in day out and become a bum, or I can switch it up each day and use the clothes to help boost my mindset. Since I was in a pretty positive state of mind when this whole situation began, it was easy for me to choose to dress my best each day. As I'm going through my things I'm finding a lot of worn out, ill fitting, duplicate, clothing. It was definitely the best time to organize and purge all the clothes in my wardrobe.

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Organizing & Purging All My Clothes

How To Decide Which Clothes To Purge

It can feel overwhelming when stepping back to look at our wardrobe objectively. I set out guidelines for myself in advance so I could just follow them. Without them, I'd find myself thinking too long on a piece and trying to justify what to do with it. The quicker we can get through organizing and purging all the clothes, the quicker we can get to enjoying other things.

Ill Fitting -If it's the wrong size or wrong cut for our body type, we need to pass it along.
Duplicates - It's okay to have a favorite style of item if they're all worn regularly. It's not okay to have similar items but always grabbing the "better" one. Just let those hardly ever worn multiples go.
Worn Out - Has the fabric lost it's elasticity? Have holes appeared? If it's become misshapen and stretched out, it's going to look that way when worn too.
Uncomplimentary - Do you keep things in your wardrobe that do not flow with the rest of your wardrobe? Or pieces that don't suit your personality and style? Let them go. 

What To Do With Purged Clothing

While purging clothes, create designated piles to make organzing easier. Why we are letting it go can help determine which category to put it into. It can help to remember that repurposing or donating helps reduce the negative impact fashion has on the earth.

Poshmark - Clothing in good condition, in timeless or trendy styles, in colors/fabrics/patterns people are looking are pieces you should consider listing. It's a win win to put some money in your pocket as well as getting clothing to people who will enjoy it.
Repurpose - Anything that would make it to the trash pile doesn't have to go straight in the bin. Look for pretty fabrics or patterns that can be cut and used as eco-friendly gift wrap or "tissue" paper. Thicker fabrics can be used as cleaning rags. You'll save money on having to purchase those items too!
Gift - Ask friends and family if they'd like to take a look at the items you're no longer keeping. It can be as easy as sharing a post on social media and letting algorithms get the message out there.
Donate - Anything in good condition that didn't make it to a friend or listed for sale can easily be dropped off for donation. Most cities have drop off bins for contactless donations or just take them straight to the thrift store.

How To Organize Clothes

Certain clothing is best stored in certain ways. Most of us don't have many things too finicky that a closet, hangers, and dresser aren't enough but there are some things that are best stored certain ways. I'll breeze over this for the most part.

Hanging - Anything that can wrinkle should be hung to prevent wrinkles. Bulkier, heavier items that don't have potential to stretch are also perfect stored hung because they take up too much space in drawers.
Drawers - I'm sure you've heard to keep your sweaters folded in a drawer, right? The knit will stretch out otherwise. Basic tops and bottoms are great stored in dressers because it prevents stretching, they're usually lightweight fabrics and don't take up a lot of space.
On Hooks - Not only do I love hooks for hanging jewelry and bags, but they're great for jackets, scarves, kimonos, and belts.

How To Fill In Wardrobe Gaps

After the worn out, ill fitting, unflattering clothing purge, there may be gaps in your wardrobe. That can feel so scary and overwhelming. I know I've held onto too many pieces that needed to be let go of for too long because I didn't have a replacement for it. Slowly filling in those gaps focusing on what we need most first is the way to go. 

Poshmark - Many sellers offer and accept great deals when buying multiple items. You can find really nice clothing for a stellar deal there. Filter by size and what specific piece of clothing you're needing to keep your focus.
Thrifting - Hitting the thrift stores regularly is a great way to find nice pieces on a bargain budget. It's best to go regularly because stock changes often.
eBay - Like Poshmark, eBay has a lot of sellers who also offer deals on bundles and accept fair offers. eBay can be a gold mine though with many sellers getting brand new merchandise from store closings and pallets.
Sales - Sometimes it can be hard to find specific pieces of clothing and even basics second hand. Use store sales to make sure you're getting the best deal on those pieces.

My home feels so much lighter now that I've purged all of the worn out, ill fitting, uncomplimentary clothing that I used to spend too much time shuffling around to get to other things. Now my dresser and closet is full of clothing I want to wear and the mornings are much easier. It's good for my headspace too. Sometimes a good purge is all we need to reset an area of our life.

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