Choosing a TV + Rattan Chair Reupholstery | One Room Challenge

It didn't feel like I had done as much work redecorating the living room as I would've liked. But then I sat down to write it all out and, well, it's been a decently productive week! From choosing a TV and the dramatics that came with it, recovering vintage rattan chairs that involved taking them apart, hanging a heavy rattan mirror and painting more baseboards - it was a good jump forward in the One Room Challenge.

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VLOG:  Choosing a TV + Rattan Chair Reupholstery + Painting Baseboards

I vlogged the work I did in my moody boho living room makeover! Watch the video below to see the process of choosing a TV for the space, recovering the vintage rattan chairs from the bistro set I thrifted recently, painting more baseboards, and removing my basket wall (gasp!) to hang a heavy rattan mirror I've had in storage for years.

Choosing a TV

We don't watch a lot of movies or TV but once quarantine is over, we want to start hosting friends at our home. And one of the things we'd like to be able to do is have movie nights. The TV we had in here before was a 32 inch. Pretty meh and underwhelming when having a group of people together to watch something. So the kiddo got ultra lucky and it's not his gaming TV.

The crazy thing was all of the stores nearby were sold out of TVs! Apparently people panic bought them alongside the toilet paper. Crazy times. I kept checking online and snagged the last one that came in stock a couple cities over.

For anyone curious, it's the SAMSUNG 55" Class 4K UHD 2160p LED Smart TV with HDR and we are beyond pleased so far.

Rattan Chair Reupholstery

I wasn't initially planning on changing the fabric on these. I mean, I guess I was and I wasn't. White fabric has no chance of lasting long in my house so I knew I'd change it some day. It wasn't part of the planned work load for this challenge though. Since I'm awaiting the arrival of some items, I was looking for an extra project to fill the time and this one just made the best sense.

Looking through my fabric stash, I found this taffeta style fabric that I'd bought from a reseller on Instagram years ago. It looks like it was an orangey shell design that was then dyed a deep indigo. Part of the design has these really groovy circles that fit perfectly over the chair seat.

So I went to work compeltely taking the chair apart to get to the cushion. These are very well made vintage pieces and you can see that in the vlog as I take apart each chair. Thankfully that was easy enough and I had everything I needed on hand to make it happen.

I can't wait for the art prints to arrive to really bring this wall to life!

Hanging Rattan Mirror

I was on the fence whether or not I'd do this. My basket wall is such a big hit with friends and family. It's not going away for good though. I'm just relocating it to the dining room andddd doing something a little different with it. I'll probably wait until after the challenge is over to put it up so stick around to see.

This mirror is the Serena & Lilly Lanai mirror and it is HEAVY and GORGEOUS. I had it up in the bathroom for a while but hated the way toothpaste would get stuck on and around the bamboo. So it's sat in the "junk room" for a couple of years now.

A deep cleaning (and thank goodness I have such a great non toxic cleaner on hand) and hardware I had in my stash and it's up. It'll look a lot more proportional once the new sofa and curtains are in here. I simply cannot wait.

Painting Baseboards

I'm breaking down the job of painting the baseboards and trim in here because I have CFS/ME. Pacing work is part of what keeps me from crashing. Doing one wall at a time means I'm only shutting down a portion of the room at a time so I can take my time doing each layer.

I'm really happy with how they're coming out though. If you've never tried my method for paint tape you really must. I show it in the vlog so you can see exactly what I do. They're ultra crisp.

Room Makeover To Do List

Install Mural Feature Wall - Minted - Midnight Petals Mural Install
Paint Baseboards and Window Trim - In Progress
Replace Door Hardware
Hang Gallery Wall
Hang Rattan Mirror
Recover Rattan Chairs
Install New Lighting - Lighting A Room With No Built In Lighting | Maxim Lighting
Hang New Curtains
Replace Area Rug
Replace Sofa
Upgrade TV
Source A Second Hand Coffee Table

Another week done for the One Room Challenge and I'm happy with the progress. My fingers are crossed deliveries start making their way in and that the last few items I need to source will be available. Head over to the ORC link up to check out the other participants and don't forget to come back next week!


  1. That rattan mirror is awesome! Love where this is going

  2. Stunning mirror! I'm sure you are very happy to have it out of storage. PS I love all the plants in your living room!

  3. I love all the rattan, and was thinking of going that way when I'm able to source new furnishings. But I'm a major procrastinator when it comes to home stuff (other than buying said project stuff!), so who knows if that will happen!

    I love what you're doing with the room! Are there other participants in the challenge? If so, is there a time to have the room finished, or do people just post what they've done as they do it?


  4. I love the rattan it gives the space a garden tropical vibe, and a new television is such a good investment for your space.

  5. I'm loving what I see so far!! The rattan set looks fantastic!! And girl.. that chair in your living room it absolutely bohofab

  6. Love that mirror! Such a great addition to the space! Loving it so far!

  7. Oh my gosh, what a neat space! Love that couch and the mirror above it. And we have the same TV! nice choice

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