Moody Boho Living Room Style Makeover | One Room Challenge Reveal

Does anything feel better than reaching a finish line? Perhaps a bad analogy since the end of a project doesn't necessarily line up with the end of a challenge. Either way, we have reached the end of the One Room Challenge and today I'm sharing my Moody Boho Living Room Style Makeover. It's not 100% complete but the vibe is there and I couldn't be happier.

First things first, I want to thank the amazing sponsors that not only provided products that made this room what it is, but for believing in me to showcase their products. Please consider shopping with them the next time you're in the market:

Minted - Gorgeous Peel and Stick Murals Designed By Artists
Maxim Lighting - High Quality Lighting In Every Style
Mohawk Home - Beautifully Designed And Comfortable Area Rugs
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Second, While this is the One Room Challenge Final Reveal, this room is not totally complete. I am still awaiting delivery for a few items. That and I've discovered a few more projects I want to take on along the process. Working on designing a room has been a unique experience this season with a global pandemic. I'm so proud of how far this space has come despite the set backs though!

Well then! Hello there, I am Corinna. If you're new here, I have loved boho long before I even knew what boho was. It was only a matter of time until "The Boho Abode" would be born - it's science! Through a long series of boring life events and fears, I've found myself blogging about home design. Now that I am 30 years old, I'm committed to saving up the money to take interior design classes and living my passion. I love where I live in Virginia and love my quaint little 1950's brick ranch and I hope you'll love what I've done with it.

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Moody Boho Living Room Style Makeover

I've always been especially drawn to interiors filled with moody details. Curios of curiosities, layers of intrigue, a depth of color that draws one in, and mystic displays. I want to linger and learn more in those kinds of spaces. So I decided to try and channel a bit of that vibe into my own boho style for a "moody boho" and have slowly been letting my home evolve.

Here's a look once again at the original design board:

And here's how the room turned out:

The first of all changes that happened in this room happened before the challenge even started. Before I was even committed to redecorating this room. Adding drama without paint with a mural was helpful in embracing the new look I was after.

One of the first challenges I wanted to address with this room was the lack of lighting. There's no built in lighting anywhere and it's not in the budget to run electrical. That meant any lighting that came in had to be plugin. Week 2 of the challenge addressed lighting a room with no built in lighting.

Week 3 was the first of unplanned projects for the room. I managed to score the beautiful rattan set but it had a very boring white fabric seat. It was bound to be ruined my sticky fingers and pets before long. So rattan chair reupholstery it was.

In week 7 of the challenge, I shared the process behind designing my mystic inspired gallery wall. As soon as I saw the Palmistry print, I had to have it. I wasn't even planning on a gallery wall but that piece started the process. I am thrilled with how it looks with the vintage rattan bistro set I bough through OfferUp.

Week 6 of the challenge, I focused on choosing a gorgeous rug as the foundation of the room design. It wasn't the piece that initially influenced the color scheme of the room but it definitely pulled it together. The blue and mauve pulls out the blue and mauve in the peel and stick mural but the goldenrod color is an addition to the color palette.

What's coming up next:
A new sofa! A big squishy nap and movie night worthy sofa.
Hardware. Still waiting on some outlet plates and the door knob.
I have a fun stenciling project for the boring parsons style end table.
Already finished and coming soon to the blog: Dollar store turned stone fern planters!

Thank you for taking the time to browse through my One Room Challenge reveal. Here's the link to take you to the ORC Guest Participants Reveals. I hope you'll come back to see the changes coming up!


  1. Corinna that mural! This whole space, fab job lady!

  2. I love it all. The mural, the rug and the rattan pieces. Great colors, love your style.

  3. LOVE it! that wallpaper was THE perfect choice!

  4. O.M.G... are you KIDDING me?! This is so fabulous!! I wish I could come hang out!!


  5. Beautiful makeover!! This room has so many cool elements, I had to keep going back to look at pictures again!

  6. My first time seeing your post today with all the opening of the goodies...I was in awe and even more so now that I've seen boho syle...I love it!!! And am also in the mood for a few changes after all these weeks inside...I need brightness to cheer me up.

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