Teal and Purple Gallery Wall

Gallery walls aren't a new thing. They've taken homes by storm for ages. People, including myself, love pairing pretty frames with memories, sayings, and art relevant to their lives. What I don't see a lot of are colorful walls paired with colorful frames in a gallery wall.  We have a light dusty teal color for the wall paint paired with deep purple frames in a variety of sizes. Filled with memories, we have a teal and purple gallery wall.

To pair with this beautiful teal color, it felt best to spray paint loads of picture frames a royal purple color. Since the photos were going to have an array of color stories, it felt best to unify them this way. When curating a gallery wall, if the photos and art all have a similar color vibe, it will usually still look cohesive even if you use a variety of different color and style frames.

And following my gut, a colorful gallery wall was created.

This Family Displayed Family Photos In A Unique Teal and Purple Family Photo Gallery Wall - Designed By TheBohoAbode.net

I hope you like it. I printed candid shots of the family for the smaller frames. Around this time, there was a popular photo book app that had become popular and had been using it for a few months. So I had a lot of photos to go through and choose from. But since they were already printed, that meant I couldn't make an edits to them to add another element of style to the display.

The triangle art is a DIY with cut sponges and acrylic paint. I bought cleaning sponges from the dollar store and cut them with scissors. And the paints were cheap Apple Barrel brand acrylic paint that I had bought from WalMart. If I were to do this craft again, I'd use a matte cardstock to do the triangles on instead of this glassy piece of paper I had lying around. I think the paint would look nicer on a thicker paper with a matte finish.

Do you have a fabric sample stash? They're great for adding splashes of color in empty frames. Briefly I was looking into having a nice sofa made up with a custom fabric so I had a bunch of samples delivered to my house. I found this ikat curtain sample in the same stash from before I realized just how expensive buying custom curtains was going to be. I've been humbled quite a lot, haha.

Check out this cute Teal and Purple Family Photo Gallery Wall Photo Collage Frame Idea- Designed By The Boho Abode

And faithful staples engineering prints filled the giant frame. It is our Christmas family picture. This frame is massive and I don't think the photo does it justice. I had to cut the engineering print to fit it but it's still close to the 26"x36" print size.

I hope you enjoy this experiment in gallery wall making. Since first creating this gallery wall, I've had a chance to explore with a lot of different gallery wall-like decorating displays. Here's some eclectic gallery walls I've curated:

Bohemian Basket Wall

Designer Curated Bohemian Basket Wall Decorating - TheBohoAbode.net

Vintage Eclectic Collected Gallery Wall

Handmade Artists Wall Decor Collage Design

Supporting Handmade Creators With Triangle Shelf and Fiber Wallhanging Gallery Wall - TheBohoAbode

Mini Fiber Art Wall Hanging Collection Display

Corner Wall Art Idea- Fiber Art Wallhanging Mini Collection Display - Designed By TheBohoAbode.net

Plant Shelfie With Thrifted Decor

Plant Shelfie With Thrifted Decor - Above The Toilet Decorating Idea - Designed By TheBohoAbode.net

That wraps up everything I have for gallery walls today. I hope you enjoyed the various different styles and designs I've shared over the years. It all started with a teal and purple gallery wall and now we mix in baskets, tiles, masks, plants, fiber art, rugs - the options are limitless and totally compliment any design taste. 

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