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Did anyone else cringe when History class brought up textile manufacturing? I didn't know what textiles were and the only the I do remember from those lessons were how badly I couldn't understand how History class was going to help me get ahead in life. Fast forward to present day and I adore the treasure of History and I swoon for swanky textiles.

Textiles either make or break a space. And I love to lay them on thick. Textiles are fabric. Who doesn't love good fabric? From suzani to shibori and faux fur to embroidered. Textiles are a great way to add color, texture and mood to a space.

Here are my favorite uses of textiles from some of my favorite Home Tours.


The beautiful fabric adorning this wall is too cool, amiright? And I love the way the rug below picks up on those gorgeous saturated blues. This whole home tour is loaded with textiles. It's definitely decor eye candy!




Shavonda is goals for decorating. At least for me. She does such a wonderful job of blending boho with cottage with glam. She's got a load of different, but complementary, textiles going on here in her bedroom and in her whole home.

(More Spring Thangs | SG Style Blog)



Linen + Small print pattern + kilim makes for quite the combination. It's pretty soft and easy on the eyes but still loaded with different textures and visual interest. Tread carefully when perusing this home tour because the envy grows great with all the fabulous vintage pieces!

(Inside a Century-Old, Contemporary Colonial | Design*Sponge)



1. I love to hate how beautiful this rug is. 1. I love how all the textiles in the space coordinate. Blue and White, Blue and White, and Blue and White. It's so fun and soothing all in one.


This home is such a good example of how to do boho with textiles. That rug, that sofa, those pillows, that dog's face! Haha, just kidding. Totally love the dog but he's not a textile ;-) With the right balance, though, mixing lots of different patterns through fabrics paints the perfect room.

(Sasha's Silver Lake Bohemian Bungalow | Apartment Therapy)



You can get so much decorating "bang for your buck" by using lots of neutrals in different textures and propping up a few "star" pieces within it all. Who wouldn't want to cozy up in this bed?!

(Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort | Apartment Therapy)



And another All Star of a decorated space. You'll spot several different textures, which I personally fan girl for, and beautiful deep jewel toned colors. Paired with that fabulous hammock in the background, that I couldn't get out of my mind so bad I bought a fringed hammock for myself, and you have one beautifully styles space!

(Pietsie, Stephen & Charlie's Private Barbara Bestor Rental | Apartment Therapy)


So I hope this gathering of spaces has left you inspired and with lots of good reading material for the weekend. Be sure to also hop around the blog here to make sure you've caught all my recent posts!

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Holy Beautiful Fabrics! Inspiring Spaces with textiles. Lovely!




  1. Omg Corinna! Youre so awesome friend. Thank you so much for including me alongside these other fab spaces. Sashas AT home tour is one of my favs. I absolutely LOVE global textiles and i love using them in my home. Id much rather recieve a gorgeous embroidred suzani or inky mudcloth than jewelry . Its a disease i hope i never find a cure for:)

  2. Thank you Shavonda! I find all of you so inspiring, thanks for taking the time to check the post out!


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