How I Made It: Black and White Planter

Black and White Kilim Inspired Planter - the easiest boring planter upgrade ever!

Hey Guys!

I have a really easy how-to to share with you today. Sometimes that's what we need though, amiright? Plants make wonderful decor but they need something to go in. And if you're a plant junkie like I am, you know that planters can be an expensive item to add to your decor! Pick up one of those boring, basic, plastic planters though- because I'm going to show you have to dress it up and make it look fabulous!


  • Plain plastic planter

  • Electrical tape

  • Scissors

How I Made It:

black and white kilim inspired planter easy decor

The most important part to this simple DIY is cleaning the planter. Make sure all debris and dust is off the planter because you'll see it trapped beneath the tape.

plain basic white planter from amazon

Then cut lots of short pieces of electrical tape. Between 1.5 inches and 2 inches is a good length to eyeball. I just did this by cutting one and sticking it atop the tape and just kept cutting along the bottom of each piece,, repeating until I had a thick stack to start applying.

cut strips of electrical tape the same size

Then, just apply them to the planter in a staggered/staircase pattern. The tape peels off and reapplies easily so you can readjust as needed to fit around the planter.

black and white southwestern inspired planter upgrade

As is the case with any DIY, this can be super customized. Don't like the look of black on white? Grab a yellow planter and use white electrical tape on top! Don't like the plain color on color? Try a printed washi tape! Don't care for the staggered design? Make any shape your heart desires!

a basic white plastic planter made awesome with tape!

black and white electrical tape planter boho vintage decor

black and white kilim inspired planter


I hope this "how to" was helpful and that you found it interesting. If you did, please give it a share! I'd love for you to share this idea with your friends!


  1. I love it! So pretty and simple. I am so crushing on this style and look! Thanks for always inspiring me.

  2. Thank you Nicole! I really appreciate you stopping in to let me know that you like it!

  3. WOW. I love this idea. What a big impact from a simple application! And I love your style generally. You have a beautiful home!

  4. cute! I have a wooden trash can I picked up years ago that I need to do something I'm thinking about whether I could do some version of this with it....

  5. That would look pretty amazing, Gretchen. You should absolutely deck that thing out with electrical tape.


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