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Hey there, Friends/Family/(possibly even crickets?)!

Alright, so I felt like it would be fun and helpful if I shared my dream house with you all today. That way you can get a feel for my style and what I gravitate towards and I get to talk about all the things I love about a pretty house! This is awesome.

I found this house while perusing Facebook. A friend shared a post on Facebook with this before photo:


I have no shame. I am a wildly curious person, so I clicked through the link. They say a hoarder once lived here. Flippers bought the house, cleaned it up (and boy oh boy did they!), and it's for sale now (or at the time I publish this post at least).

Check out the article on House Beautiful.

spanish style dream home pops of aqua wrought iron details

The after is so incredibly stunning. The work was obviously extensive. But I have to say totally worth it. The home is truly restored to it's glory.

Why I Love It:

The house is just so wildly charming. Everything from the detailed front door to the arched windows to the unique shaped doorways is so carefully thought out and detailed. The color palette is gorgeous and flows from room to room. The choice in textiles and furniture are spot on with what I gravitate towards. The white walls are so fresh and clean! Basically, I love everything about this home.

vintage eclectic modern with bohemian details dream home high ceiling charming unique details dream home spanish style

How To Incorporate These Details Into My Space:

I think I totally have to paint my windows black, but still leave the trim white just as they did in this home. My ceilings are much lower so it will add just enough drama without weighing the windows down. I love that the look of black painted windows mimics the looks of steel casement windows. And those are so beyond my budget, so it's nice to have the character that comes with that kind of luxury without the price tag!

It's already "da plan" to paint our bathroom tile. I had been planning on going stark white, but I may paint the border black to incorporate the same detail in the black and white bathroom of the featured home. A black and white bathroom plays so well with vintage spaces.

Painted interior doors are so a thing right now, and it's hard to question it. Plain hollow stock doors like mine may not look so spiffy painted, but with tutorials like this one from Pretty Handy Girl and this one from Addicted 2 Decorating, I think I've got some ideas up my sleeve for adding interest inspired by this home.

forrest gren painted cabinetry with butcher block countertops stainless steel appliances charming vintage details spanish southwestern style tile backsplash

The pops of aqua on the exterior of the house has my heart jumping all over the place. Luckily, I had already made the decision to add a similar color to our exterior and have the paint sitting at home ready to add some curb appeal. Our windows are jacked up and really need to be replaced, plus they're covered by storm windows, so I won't be painting them. But I have a pretty rad DIY shutter idea and they'll look fabulous in aqua!

I'm a fan of arched doorways. I've been wanting to open up our kitchen to our living room since before we even bought our house and the solution to blowing out a load bearing wall on a budget? Going with a beam. But I think a beam could be concealed and even work in favor of adding charm to the space by making an arch around the beam. I dream big here, guys.

And I am absolutely painting my cabinets that color if hubby ever agrees to painting our cabinetry. Our cabinets are new and actually really nice, so it probably won't happen. But, again, I dream big ;)

Check out all the photos and the listing for this property here.

So what do you think? Do you love this house as much as me or do you prefer a different style? What other tips do you think could transform a house to have a similar look, style, and charm as this one?


  1. I love this house so much! If you do paint your cabinets that color, you will officially be the coolest! I'm so jealous you can paint your windows! The dividers in ours are between glass, so I'm stuck with off-white :-/

  2. What a gorgeous home! LOVE the idea of painting the windows black and those cabinets are absolutely stunning!!!

  3. That is insane! Swooning like crazy now ;)

  4. It is a VERY inspiring little house. I can't wait to work on the takeaways!


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