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I don't know how I'm just getting around to getting this post up. I've been flying through all the tutorials because *gulp* I'm going to start posting about our bathroom remodel next week! I'm seriously a nervous wreck with all the things we're undertaking and have already begun to undertake. It's quite an adventure!

But back to today's post- I'm going to share sources for everything that went into our bedroom makeover! In case you never had the pleasure of seeing the before of this space I'll just shamefully leave this picture here...

ORC master bedroom before

But now the space is a wonderful one that I love being in.

Bohemian Master Bedroom in a Small Home- Room Reveal (lots on DIY and vintage finds!)

So where did I get all of the stuff you see here? How can you recreate the DIYed pieces? What about the vintage and second hand pieces? Everything you could want to know that I can provide the answers to are below.


Boho Vintage Eclectic Bedroom Sources

Table Lamp on dresser- Was bought at Target ages ago but has since been discontinued but they do have a very similar one still available online. The color is less brass and more silver but has a very similar shape!

Geometric Bowl with Gold detail- Also purchased from Target. It's from the Nate Berkus line and is unfortunately recently discontinued (likely to make room for the new fall line). It's a rather large bowl, I use it to store rolled up belts, makeup and a spray bottle for the plants in this room.

Tapered Cacti Candles- Scored these candles on eBay, though they seem to be fairly easy to get a hold of. Like this listing on eBay.

Woven Wall Hanging- It's from @KentHeartStrings_Shop on Instagram. (Don't quote me on this, but I believe she's moved to an Etsy shop).

Brass Candlestick Holders- I scored these on different trips to different thrift stores. You can buy them on Etsy but I'd practice persistence and just check your local thrift stores. They're usually cheap and plentiful.

The Dresser- Scored this and it's pair on Craigslist. Keep an eye on craigslist. I've found them to be reasonably priced and in better condition than the ones that show up in our local thrift stores. You can buy new dressers like the Mid Century 6 Drawer Dresser from West Elm and Mid Century Modern 6 Drawer Dresser from Target and many other retailers, too. Mid Century is still hot right now so it wouldn't be hard to find one second hand or brand new.

The Rug- I love this rug! I actually moved it in from the living room and think it suits this space so much better. It's a Target find, clearly the retailer of choice in the space (it helps when you can combine things like 5% discount when using the RedCard and Cash Back from Ebates! Oh an *TIP: Sometimes I shop online and there's almost always a discount code for what I'm buying, other times I bribe my 3 year old with toys while I peruse the clearance endcaps. That's why so much of the decor in this space  is Target!).

Basket beside Dresser- Sadly another discontinued item, but Target still has many other lovely Nate Berkus baskets. The pillow inside was picked up from an online "handmade in India" shop that has vanished. These ones on Amazon are very similar.

The Bed- It's an IKEA Tarva Bed hacked to be a bit more my style (Here's the tutorial- very easy!)

The Nightstands- They're IKEA Rast Hacks made to look like the West Elm Stria nightstands and made more my style with DIY crystal drawer knobs.

The Bedding- The pillow shams are West Elm, The accent pillow is Target (sadly clearanced out long ago, but this pretty fringe and floral pillow would be beautiful or this African Mudcloth with fringe pillow would be stunning, too), and the coverlet is by Country Living and I picked it up for a great price ($20!) at Burlington Coat Factory.

The Bedside Lamps- They're an awesome DIY and they debuted as my first contributor post for Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body. I've since updated them (as a lady with very little time on my hands, I spend much too much time "perfecting" projects) and I've got details about their update in this hanging macrame bedside sconce post.

Picture Frames- Are from the dollar store and are outfitted with candid cake smash in the face shots from my husband's and my wedding. I'm so happy so many family members had cameras on them and that they were able to collaboratively bestow us with the gift of that memory.

Decorative Box on Nightstand- DIY, here's the tutorial!

Pothos in Planter- The planter was a gift from my mom and the Pothos is from Lowes.

Curtains- Once again, a Target find! I really wanted to use the Urban Outfitters' Magical Thinking Macrame Wall Hanging but they would've WAY over blown the budget.

Closet Door Paint Color- Clark+Kensington from Ace Hardware, BUT I had the sample made up nearly a year ago and they forgot to mark it. I think it's Vivid Blooms o9C-6.

Bentwood Stool- Another Craigslist score. Though you can pick one up on Etsy if you can't find one thriftily.

Pillow atop Stool- Burlington Coat Factory, in store. I think the in store selection varies from store to store but the pillow selection at my store is massive and beautiful (and priced really well!)

Wall Mounted Clothes Organizer- DIY. Come see that tutorial, here.

Hanging Planter- DIY. I love this thing, a lot!

Boho Hand Print- From Minted! I love the expansive collection of Wall Art available through Minted.

Minted's Limited Edition Art Prints

Tapestry Curtain- I picked this one up from Amazon. It's supposed to bring Good Luck (fingers crossed!).

Painting- Thrift Store. Thrift stores are a really great place to pick up original art!

The small chests on the floor were from WalMart and Pier 1, many years ago! You can find similar chests from all the usual big stores. Just check the home accessories and jewelry storage sections.

Many of the stores I purchased items from are Ebates cash back stores. Whenever I shop online, I shop through Ebates (and even have the browser add on to remind me to activate cash back when I've skipped ahead to a retailer's store). I can't recommend it enough. I've used it for years now to save pennies here and there and I think you should, too!Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Did I miss anything? Let me know and I'll fill in any gaps! I hope the list is comprehensive enough and that you've enjoyed the transformation. Check out the whole series from the beginning here.

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