How I Made It: Wall Mounted Clothing Planning System


Hey Guys!

I have been so excited to get this project together to share with you guys. This outfit planning wall organizer is fantastic for small spaces because it takes up vertical space (wall) instead of horizontal (floor). It doesn't touch the floor so it's a breeze to clean around. And it's going to make your mornings easier because you can avoid the morning search-for-any-damn-thing-to-wear shuffle. Bonus: It's really easy to make, chyea!

What You'll Need:

(Totals are for 1 outfit planning unit, double for 2, triple for 3 and so on and so forth)
1x1/2" Copper Cap
6x1/2" 90 Degree Copper Elbow
3x1/2" Copper Tee
2x5/8" x 48" Wood Dowel (You'll end up with extra)
Circular Saw, Hand Saw, Any Saw
Super Glue
2x1/2" 2 hole Copper Strap
Optional: Paint or Stain


Wall Mounted Clothing Planning System

If you're going to paint or stain the dowel rods, do it before assembly. You're probably reading that going, "duhhhh." But trust me, I've rushed around so much that I didn't think that part through before. So, friendly reminder, you can do your cuts first, but optionally stain and/or paint them before gluing them into the copper pieces.

Supplies for 2 outift planning wall organizers

I've got the cuts listed in the pic above with the supplies, but here they are:
Cuts For 1 Wall Mounted Outfit Planning Organizer

2 pieces that are 24 inches (or half of a 48 inch long dowel rod)

7 pieces that are 3 inches long (just under half of a 48 inch rod, so if you're making 2, you'll just need 1 more dowel rod)

Once the easy part is done, cutting and optionally painting/staining, it's time for more easy! Assembly! You guys have probably caught on that I like video instead of typing things out. My skills are way elementary but this is really what assembly looks like.

Once assembled, you just need to attach it to the wall. If the holes for the straps won't be going into studs, make sure to use wall anchors. Heavier items of clothing will pull the screws right through the dry wall.

Fun Copper and Wood Wall Mounted Outfit Planning System

And it should look something like this:


get your shoes up off the floor and onto the wall

plan outfits with shoes without the shoes on the floor and in the way or worse a trip hazard

display cute clothes and plan fab outifts in this DIY outfit planning wall organizer

Now you're ready to get planning!

I had fun selecting outfits that I can't wear right now because I work too much to wear cute things. But it makes me happy to see the outfits! Now that the photos are done, I'll use the organizer more practically.

You could also use these in an entryway to hang jackets and hats, too! Or a bathroom for towels. Just omit the shoe holder portion if need be and add a second cap to the bottom end.

I hope you've found this post interesting and useful! If you did, please be sure to leave me a comment so I know you've visited and give it a share so your friends can check it out!


  1. Love the wood and copper together! This is an awesome project. Shared on a group board!

  2. You know, I was just thinking this morning that I need to be a little more intentional about....wearing clothes. and not just throw on whatever. Someday I'll get my closet cleaned out, and then I'll need to do something like this!

  3. So far I've just been using it to play around with dream outfits I'll never have the time to wear :/

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