How to make White Art POP against White Walls


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Sometimes I have this dilema. I love a color (or lack of color) so much that I use it everywhere. Like white. I use white everywhere right now because once upon a time I painted all my walls a very pretty turquoise and hated everything I put in front of it. But it's really hard to get a white piece of art to show up against a white wall. Especially on camera (and to further that- a low end camera). It bothered me for a while until inspiration struck in the form of reading a blog that I love (VintageRevivals). I needed a barrier, or a "Frame" so to speak, for the art (my moroccan wedding blanket inspired wall hanging to be exact).


My kid was distracted with dad and the tv so I grabbed a paint brush, a cup, painters tape, threw some leftover paints together and mixed in some water for an "artsy feel" and got to work. I went simple with a rectangle to counter the circle in the wall hanging, but you could do a hexagon (I show you how to do that in my painted hexagon wall) or a circle (just do the first part of the hexagon from that video) or whatever.


To get the "artsy" look I achieved here: Pour a dollop of 2 different paints (I used a yellow toned beige and a cool toned grey) into a cup. Add some water until liquidy but still opaque. Gently mix to keep some separation of the colors. Then just be sure all your brush strokes run in the same direction. Voila! Instant white art popping power.


If you're diggin' the wall hanging, come check out the post for that one. It's rather easy to put together and so, so pretty. It's inspired by moroccan wedding blankets. I would love to have one of my own one day but this wall hanging is way cheaper.



I hope you've found this idea to be helpful and interesting. Give this post a share if you'd like, it helps me out a lot.
How could you use this technique?

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