How To Paint A Door Without Removing It From The Frame


Does anyone else do that? You look at something and think, "there's gotta be a way of doing this without pulling it apart/ sanding it/ or any other normal procedures the rest of the world is telling needs to be done for this process."

Yeah, I think that about EVERYTHING.

I'm just not a prep work kind of person. I see a door and think, "you would look great in coral, but I don't wanna pull you off those decrepit hinges or anything."

So I don't pull it off the hinges because I've already got paint laid out and I'm ready to go. But I realize that getting paint all over the doorknob and frame would be regrettable.


Can you guess what I did? Surely, you've figured out what I've done.

Painter's tape! This stuff can keep paint off my ceiling and baseboards, of course it could work to keep paint off of hinges and a doorframe. So I taped around the entire door, even the floor below it. This was relatively easy. I did have to pull off a few extra lengths to be sure everything was secure around the hinges.

The other thing I did to make this the easiest paint job ever was to remove the doorknob. I've seen plenty o pinterest posts where people taped around their door handles but I'm not buying it. I'm convinced from other taping endeavors that taping around a round surface is not the easiest way of doing this. Removing the knob is easy.


And the only other thing I had to do was paint the door, taking care along the painter's tape as I would baseboards or the ceiling.

Here's how it turned out:



About The Supplies: I use the Frog Tape brand of Painter's Tape because the first time I painted anything I used the cheapest I could find and still haven't finished cleaning the mess that made. I've also heard really great things about 3M Blue Painter's Tape, but I haven't tried it myself. The paint I used here is from the Clark + Kensington line at Ace Hardware. Unfortunately the can wasn't labeled with the color name but it's a pretty pink based coral from that line if you think you can find it.

This is definitely a process I will repeat the next time I must paint a door. I'm thinking about painting my front door. I've gathered tons of inspiration in a 2 part series and I think it's left me more unsure of the color I'd choose than anything. But if it weren't for layers of old cracking paint, I'd definitely tape it off and paint- because seriously guys, so easy! Seriously, go paint a door right now!


Crushing On: Painted Doors (both interior and exterior)
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  1. I always thought, there's got to be an easier way to paint doors! I'm so happy you posted your technique!!
    You've given me inspiration to paint my doors!
    Thank you very much! :)


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