Bathroom Accessories + Bathroom Reno Progress


Hey guys!

I've mentioned before that the design theme for the space is Global meets boho with craftsman inspired details. It's tricky to choose accessories for the space because I'm trying to appease many different decor styles at once. One way I've decided to approach this is by mixing metallics. Mixing metallics is not only fun and visually interesting, but it's a good way to marry different styles in one uniform space. The metallics I had chosen to work with were oil rubbed bronze and brass. That's now changed to copper and oil rubbed bronze (I'll explain later). There's a lot of white in the space with pops of blues and teal and the combination of those two metallics will really set the mood for the space.

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, terrible at making decisions, and can't commit- I have nothing to share today for the Calling It Home One Room Challenge besides purchases (Well... I did clear out the medicine cabinet and the cabinet above the toilet but that's not exciting and I should have done that months ago).

It was brought to our attention during one of the contractors estimate visits that the faucet to our bathtub is original to the house. And that means it has no scald guard. I had a plan for incorporating them into the new design, but I knew it was the right thing to do upgrade this piece and that's why we went with MOEN's Ashville Shower/Tub faucet set. It has a large shower head and that old world feel. I think it'll balance with some of the modern touches to the space, making it complex but pleasing to the eye.


The way I'm working in the copper element is through smaller pieces. The shelf brackets will be copper (I did start spray painting those, does that count as progress?), the vanity knobs and the cabinet above the toilet's knobs will be copper. Another small dose of copper I've found are these copper bathroom accessories. I picked up this soap dish (I love handmade bar soaps) and this toothbrush holder.

I actually had prepared to admit I was still on the hunt for a mirror, but the Kichler wall mirror from wayfair was breifly back in stock with limited supply (I just so happened to be chcking in to purchase the copper bath accessories- how lucky!) and I pounced with free 2 day shipping- ALL I EVER DO IS WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT (not at all... but that song came to my head when it all happened). It is now the wrong color (the irony!) for the space, so I'm playing around with ideas for the finish.

Why I switched to copper? It turns out the towel bars and toilet paper holder that we received from MOEN have a hint of copper in the "worn" details. I loved the way it looked against the oil rubbed bronze and it was really that simple.

I also had a chance to do some online shopping at Anthro is easily my latest addiction. I managed to pick up one of the Kana Footed Candles before they became no longer available. The one I picked up is in the scent red berry amber and it's easily one of the most amazing things I've ever smelled! I also picked up one of the Adelaide Kitchenware pieces in the small canister size. The pattern and color will work perfectly for the bathroom. I'm thinking a DIY bath salt may end up being stored in here? And I just couldn't pass up the Indigo Garland Bathroom Collection's Tumbler.



I've also got a few more bath accessories: shower curtain rod (it's a double rod and curved- it seems so luxurious since I've only ever experienced that in hotels before!), two towel bars to hang on the back of the door (I chose 18 inch bars so the door handle wouldn't get in the way), curtain rings and toilet paper holder. Moen has provided these items to us for our remodel, but that doesn't change my honest opinion that they're beautiful and make me think of nice hotels.

I also took the plunge and ordered the "engineered global" and "threshold paisley" body towels and the "stitched stripe" hand towel from Target I mentioned in my towel decisions post (seriously- Target's towel game is on fleek!). There seems to be a bit of a problem with the store pick up with my Target so I don't know when I'll get them.

Originally I wasn't going to be replacing the tub, but my dad made a few valid points and it looks like we're also getting a new bathtub for the space. So that's a fun change, i.e. $$$. Here's to hoping this all still happens within 6 weeks!

Part of why I am behind on this is because we decided to switch contractors last minute. My introverted self just learned that my neighbor is a contractor (we've lived here 3 years- it's pathetic). So we've gotten a 4th quote from him and it looks like we're going to work with him instead of the other company we had looked into. I'll still put together that resource post for those of you who mentioned it would be helpful to know how we found the contractors we spoke with (it'll just be after the challenge since I have a ton of catching up to do!)

Oh! I almost forgot. I made tassels. Can't tell you why yet because it'll spoil an adorable surprise, but I did and they're cute and that'll be coming soon! And I chatted about fabrics for DIY shower curtains yesterday! They're seriously all so beautiful, I highly recommend you check that out!


  1. may i mention about your hunt for a mirror. i use on-line auctions (we have several here in richmond, va) and they are a great source for mirrors, etc. check out what's in your area. they usually have them every couple of days. i am participating in two (2) right now. i think you will be pleased. but remember to check only within driving distance as you can go look before you bid. good luck. peppi

  2. I want a new bathtub so badly! and I love the Indigo Garland Bathroom Collection. SO pretty

  3. In my world shopping is progress! I'm loving the fixtures, and the accessories, and can't wait to see them in the finished space!


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