Beaded Necklace Pendant Knock Off #SwapItLikeItsHot

Boho Light Anthropologie Beaded Pendant Knock Off

Hey Guys!

Today I have a cross between an Anthropologie Beaded Necklace Pendant Knock Off and a Thrift Repurpose for #SwapItLikeItsHot. I received an interesting and challenging mix of items from Charlotte of Ciburbanity (the host of this fab series!) and I'm excited to put my creative skills to the test with the items I received.


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The items I chose to work with are the two chalkboard hanging stars. I actually didn't realize they were some kind of hanging art until I went to pull the stars out of the box to work with them. The way they were sitting in the box made them look like a container of some kind.

I'm a huge fan of Anthropologie and had already been stalking the beaded neacklace pendant lamp so that's probably where this whole idea came out. Lots of chunky wooden beads are involved with those pendants and because I love boho, I thought the chalkboard star "container" would make a really cool "bead" on the lamp.

I pulled leftover twisted fabric wrapped cord and wood stain out of my stash. Picked up a few different dowel rod sized (big and chunky ones), a plug and light socket. Once the supplies were gathered, it was time to get creative!

My husband pulled through for me and cut the dowel rod into big bead sized chunks and then drilled holes into each piece, making it a true bead. He even went in a sanded them for me. I pulled the stickers and hanging bit off the chalkboard stars and smooshed them together back into the "container" shape I thought they were all along. Husband then drilled a hole through them turning them into a fun bead. A huge part of this DIY goes to his efforts!

While he was doing all the power tool parts, I spray painted the bulb socket and played with our little guy.

I went in when he was finished and stained a large chunk of the cut wood dowel with the last of my "Special Walnut" Minwax stain, most of the remainder with "Ebony" Minwax Stain and a few I left in their natural state.



Whilst those dried, I went inside and wired the plug to one end of my cord. I wrapped a loose knot where I wanted the pendant to hang from the ceiling.

Then once the "beads" were dry, I played around with where and how I wanted the beads resting atop one another. When I was happy, I wired the socket onto the end of the cord. I hung the lamp from an ordinary hook, twisted in an Edison bulb, and let there be light!

Boho Light Anthropologie Beaded Pendant Knock Off

Boho Light Anthropologie Beaded Pendant Knock Off

Boho Light Anthropologie Beaded Pendant Knock Off

I collected items for Melissa of Polished Habitat. You just wouldn't believe her amazing transformation with one of the items I sent her. It's so creative and beautiful!

Check out her project here.


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The Edison bulb was provided by Parrot Uncle for this project.



  1. Whoa... so incredibly creative! I love the handmade wooden beads!!!

  2. So nice!! Love what you did!

  3. This, girl, is genius! How have I not seen this lamp at Anthro before?! Great knock off. And obviously we're blog kindred spirits since I think I used the same chair in my reveal photos.. :) xx

  4. What a seriously creative way to use that star!!! Love it when people come up with stuff I never would have thought of.

  5. Thanks, Melissa! It kinda shocked me when the idea hit me but I'm glad people don't think I'm crazy!

  6. Yay! Thank you :) I love that chair so much. It's perfect for photo shoots!

  7. oooooohhhh I love this!!! So funky!

  8. This is so crazy cool!! I am always impressed by DIY light fixtures, but this one is even cooler! I love that you created your own "beads" and worked the star into the design! Nice job!

  9. very cool! I was so surprised when I got past the first picture and then didn't see the wooden beads anywhere in the collection of thrifted stuff. I had to scroll back and forth a couple of times to find that sneaky star :)

  10. Haha! Good ol' hacked up dowel rods right there. The star is a subtle but funky little touch.

  11. Thank you Emily! I'm glad the beads worked out. It was a lot of fun swapping like its hot with you all :)

  12. Corinna, you are a friggin' genius!! The star definitely adds a unique element to the super fun lamp!

  13. This is so trendy and perfect! What a great project, you put a lot of work into it and it shows. Now I'll have to get my hubs to make some wood "beads" for me too :-)

  14. Thanks Jessica! I'm sure you'll find loads of fun ways to use your new giant beads!


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