Choosing Fabric Pattern for Shower Curtains

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I briefly mentioned recently that I wanted to go the DIY route with our shower curtains. I've taken a look around the internet at both shower curtains and regular curtains and I just don't see a whole lot that I love (in my price rage I should add). Purchasing fabric to make curtains can be more expensive than buying basic curtains, but I find that it's oftentimes a whole lot cheaper than buying the curtains that would have given me the same look in the first place. The look I'm going for is Shibori-Moroccan-Boho.

I am so thrilled to have partnered with for this project. I'm a long time fan of their fabric selection and that's why I chose to work with them. They've provided the product but no additional compensation. All opinions are my own.

The inspiration for this idea is this bathroom designed by Emily Henderson for Target with the challenge of using mixed shower curtain panels. I LOVE the concept and I love how she pulled it off so I'm heavily taking inspiration from this space. Plus, I want to be just like Emily Henderson when I grow up. So do as Emily does I do ;)


The first thing I did was decide on the color palette. Because I'm highly gravitating towards the shibori look, I immediately decided on Indigo. I like how Indigo pairs with mint and turquoise, so I also added in a few options with those colors.

To further analyze things, I broke my favorite fabrics into two categories- "Indigos" and "Complimentaries"


1. Painterly Ikat 2. Moroccan Diamonds 3. Painted Feathers 4. Savonnerie


1. English Garden 2. Not Your Mamas Paisley 3. Hand Dyed Shibori Diamonds

4. Hand Dyed Shibori Stripes 5. Leave It Be 6. Bright Suzani

Here are a couple combinations I came up with. When I created these I was thinking I'd do two panels on either side and one panel in the middle. I'm leaning away from that now and thinking I'll just do one panel of each. It's a narrow bathroom, not necessarily small (especially for the age of the house), and I think 3 panels would get too busy. But the mock-ups kinda show the feel I'm going for and hopefully it's enough to get your feedback?



image  imageimage


I'm obsessing over that Moroccan Diamonds Fabric. I think if we had spirit fabrics like spirit animals, that Moroccan Diamonds Fabric would be my spirit fabric. Which fabrics are your favorites? Do you think the mixed panels will look cool or are you secretly laughing at me right now? It's OK not to agree with me, but I think you'll change your mind. I think one thing we all can agree on, though, is that these fabric patterns are perfection!

Yesterday I chatted about the towels I'd like to use in this space and I think they'll work well with these patterns, too. I ordered the paisley and engineered global towels. There's a lot of blue going into this space initially. But I think it'll all work out since I'm also using a lot of white and brown. We'll see!

I hope you're enjoying seeing how all of this is evolving as much as I'm enjoying putting it all together. I also hope you're having an awesome day!

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  1. The Moroccan diamonds are fabulous! I think I like either the 5th or 6th combo the best.


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