Demolition, Spray Paint, Decisions Made - Bathroom Remodel Progress

Global Craftsman Boho bathroom remodel demo progress updated design board, thrifted vanity and carefully sourced accessories

Hey Guys!
I'm checking in today to update you all on the progress of our bathroom remodel. There's just two more weeks until the reveal and things are looking bleak. My bathroom is completely gutted!
If you're just checking in with me, I'm sharing my adventure through a 6 week room design (actually a full blown renovation) as part of Calling It Home's One Room Challenge. I'm redesigning our bleh bathroom to a global and boho oasis with intentional craftsman touches. Today is week 4!


Today my contractor is putting in the new tub and will start reassembling the walls and insulation. Insulation was really important. I'm hypothyroid and I have arthritis so the cold is nearly intolerable. A good insulation is going in the wall to the outside and the wall between the bathroom and bedroom (simply for noise reduction).

This past weekend we scored a new vanity through Craigslist. It's the Glacier Bay Artisan Vanity (the 36 inch wide one). It's so much nicer than the one we were going to purchase (the one in between this one and the first one I told you about). I'm stoked to have drawers. And I only spent as much as I was going to be spending on the not as nice or big one- yay! I specifically switched gears to find one without a splash guard (I just learned what that was!) because of an ultra cool surprise I can't wait to share. I'm painting the vanity blue or green this weekend.


When we arrived to the address, we found it was actually a small shop. He also had bathtubs so we purchased one then, too (and hubby's truck was out of the shop just in time to pick it up yesterday!).

I started working on small projects a few weeks ago. The first one I've shared is the DIY leather tassels on a basket tutorial. It's got video :) Go check it out.

I've also started working on spray painting a few decorative pieces and the IKEA Ekby shelf brackets. There will not be any chrome or steel in this place. This is a cozy bathroom, not a sterile one.

A Designer At Home - How we chose and decided on wall tile for the shower bathtub combination walls - global craftsman boho bath wall tileGlobal, Craftsman, Boho inspired bathroom remodel designGet the look of global decor for cheap with this instant embellishment how to - leather tassels made with suede string, a video tutorial!

I ended up sourcing out the creation of the shower curtain to a coworker. She actually knows how to sew (I don't) and she's nice and reasonably priced and she knows how to make soaps. She's also making custom soap for me because she's amazing.

Oh! And we picked up floor tile. It's going to look so great with the tub surround tile we chose!

I think I've remembered to touch on everything. I think. There is a ton of other stuff going on behind the scenes right now (do you like giveaways? then you want to be here next week, there's 2 of them!) but I think that's the only relevant stuff going on with the bathroom.

I hope you're all having an awesome day :)


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