Making Decisions For A Bathroom Remodel

Hey Guys!

I'm checking in a week after announcing my participation as a guest One Room Challenge participant for Calling It Home's challenge to bring you a few decisions I've made thus far for the bathroom. It's getting harder and harder to choose materials for some parts of the room and I've flown through others. Trying to marry global with boho doesn't appear to be difficult on the surface, but when these changes affect resale value and will cost us big dollars to replace if we change our mind- they become very hard.


Probably the first decision I made for the space is the bath/shower surround tile. I chatted all about the tiles I was considering and why I didn't choose them versus what I did choose yesterday. Definitely go check that post out because I think it also gives a fun glimpse into the vision developing for the space. The tile I picked is the Jeffrey Court Marrakech wall tile available from Home Depot. There are so many things I love about this tile.


I've also picked a vanity. But getting it is looking to be a problem because I can't order it online and it's not stocked at my Home Depot. I think I can have the store special order it for me, so I'll be looking into that next. I'm also keeping an eye on craigslist because if it's in the stars for one this style to pop up, I want to find it! "Da plan" is to paint it a deep blue-green color, like a teal, emerald or forest green. We'll see!

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The metallics I've chosen to work with in this space are oil rubbed bronze and antique brass. I'm going to do my best mixing those two metals. But it did lead me to this beautiful Tub/Shower faucet set. It's from Moen's Ashville collection available at Home Depot. I like the big shower head. I know hubby will like that, too!


I found a bathroom on Pinterest recently and it seriously had me drooling (those floors-amazing!). It's a dream bathroom for me (especially some of the materials- $$$). But one thing I found in the space that barely fit into the budget I'd set for each piece is the mirror she used. It's from Wayfair and it's exactly the shape I'm looking to use. It's not currently available, sadly, but I'm keeping an eye on it (and craigslist- because I'd love to save some money there, too!).

I've started checking out towels because amidst the rubble, it's fun to look at pretty things. Oh, and I don't remember if I mentioned this last week, but the vanity is the only main piece we'll be replacing. We actually replaced our toilet last year some time and the tub functions (though my dad has weighed in and he thinks I should replace it, so maybe the jury is still out on that one, too?).  I'm stuck on floors. I really want encaustic cement tiles and I'm trying to convince myself that the Merola tiles at Home Depot would work but they're too black and not enough white for what I'm yearning for. Realistically I think I'm stuck between slate and wood-look tiles. I think both are fairly timeless and appeal to a broad group of potential buyers. And, they fit within the design I've dreamed up for the space.

Essentially, things still look like this-


I have actually started on a few projects for the space, a hamper, shelves and a shower curtain idea. But I don't want to spoil the surprise, nor do I want to reveal too much! It's part of the fun of this challenge, afterall! If you do want a sneak peek into what I've not made decisions on, follow this Pinterest board to see what I'm watching!


  1. I'm having fun following your One Room Challenge.
    For the floor, what about these from Overstock?
    Or these?
    Also, we used a fabulous dark green with a touch of blue in my husband's office. I think it would look amazing on your vanity. It's Benjamin Moore's Mallard Green.
    Good luck!

  2. Dang girl...DEM-O-LITION! Y'all are getting things done. I cannot wait to see your boho style come together. I am loving the paint color!

  3. Love your plans!! The tile is gorgeous!

  4. I'm dying over how beautiful those tiles are! I especially love the first one! And I think it would look beautiful with the other pieces in the space. hm...

  5. This is awesome! So glad I saw your blog as part of the ORC! Love boho and your plans are right up my alley. Following along. :) If I wasn't doing my living room I would have done my bathrooms


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