Rattan Vanity Bench Cushion Reupholstery

A How To Tutorial With VIDEO for reuphostering a bench seat. I don't know why it took me so long to reupholster something!

Hey Guys!

I'm really excited to share with you this little reupholstery project I finished recently. If you remember a recent thrift score thursday post, I chatted about how excited I was to pick up this rattan vanity. It's in good second hand shape, and the rattan bench seat was recently upholstered. But I'm not loving the fabric they chose. It's clean and in good shape, but the color and texture just felt... "old?" I don't know. I wanted to instill a bit of my style into the bench and thought a shibori patterned fabric would do just that.

I'm trying to film a few more of these simple kinds of DIYs since pictures can be a little hard to follow and it's just so much easier to trim down the video than edit pictures. I hope you find that helpful, and if you do feel any kind of way about it- I welcome you to leave feedback in the comments below!


How To Reupholster A Bench Seat

Supplies: (I've included links to products so you can complete this project, too. They're affiliate links, so any purchases made will generate a commission for me and will help cover the costs of running this blog.)

Minted provided me with the fabric for this project. This post is not sponsored. The idea for this project is my own. The process is my own. It's no secret I love shibori. I'm committed to only talking about products I can honestly stand behind.

And this is how the upholstery job turned out!

It's so simple and easy. I don't know why I've put off trying this for so long.



Naturally I love a lot of plants everywhere in my home. Because this little corner gets pretty great light most of the day, I chose to put a ponytail palm and philodendron. They're pretty easy to keep alive and I enjoy their presence when I'm playing with my cosmetics.

I have a drawer by my bed where I keep most of my makeup. Here I'm keeping the products I'm currently using, as well as a few eyeshadow palettes (I like having versatility!).



The mix of baskets really brings out the earthiness and global feel of the set up. I say pick a style and then choose elements that emphasize it for maximum impact. Make sure they make you happy and that's all you really need.

I like the shibori inspired fabric here because it adds a small dose of color without losing the earthy element. It's a grounded pop of color. And the pattern is organic.



I hope you've found this tutorial helpful and interesting. I know I can't tell you where to find an epic vanity like this one, but I hope the basics are something you are able to take away for a project piece of your own! If there is anything else you'd like to see via video, let me know! The more I film and edit, the better I can get at bringing you video content :)


  1. Oh yay! The video is so much fun (I vote yes, make more!) and I just realized it's the first time I've ever gotten to hear your voice, even though we've been doing Thrift Score Thursday together for so long! Love it!

  2. i love how that bench turned out- best choice ever for fabric!

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