Target's Towel Game on Fleek


Can someone tell me why the heck I'm just now finding out about the amazing selection of bath towels at Target? Like move over boring bath towels and hello globally decadent bath towels that must get in my bathroom!

I know what you're thinking, "Uh, that's cool and all but why are we talking towels when you haven't shared any progress on the bathroom?" To which I say, girls just want to have fun. #done

I figure the stuff has to get purchased eventually so why not get an early start on the decorative decisions because thus far the only concrete decision I've been able to make is that this is happening.

And I don't want to miss out on any deals so I'm ready to pounce, but I figured if you are like me- then you'll want to jump on these, too!

Bath Towels


Hand Towels


I'm trying to steer clear of matchy matchy pretty much at all costs with this bathroom design. I'm especially crushing on the "engineered global" towels and the "threshold paisley" towels. But then I'm torn when I see the other towels I came across on my search, too. If you could mix and match from these towels, which towels would you choose?

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