Bathroom Vanity Lighting Options

bathroom vanity lighting ideas. Both splurge and Save options- but they all look so nice!

Hey Guys!

One thing I've gotten to do in this whole bathroom remodel that I haven't gotten to do in any other space is choosing lighting! I've made overhead lights for two other rooms I've designed. And the living room didn't have any hardwired lamps. In the bathroom, we are replacing the dated 80's vanity lighting. I've seen fabulous makeovers for these exact lights, but I just didn't want to mask a "problem" in this space. Choosing new sconces to flank the mirror were a given for us and our situation.


Wish List/Blows The Budget Lighting:


Heirloom Wire Guard Aged

Brass Wall Sconce $320

Stratford 11” High Wall

Sconce $386

Artcraft Legno Rustico 12" High

Dark Pine Wall Sconce $210

Pelham Collection 11" High

Wall Light $300


Sonneman Chelsea 14" High Satin

Black Edison Sconce $180

Taj Collection 11 3/4" High Antique

Brass Wall Sconce $272

But, considering we're totally human and we're working within a very real and very tiny budget, I have a second wish list of lighting I'm considering. If you're already following me on Facebook, you hopefully saw my call for your help in making a decision on our lighting last month. It was so helpful because it got me thinking about a lot of things I hadn't considered, but it also made my decision harder because you guys had good arguments for lights I was thinking of pulling off the list.

 Wish List/Total Reasonable Pricing


Hinkley Collier 17" High Heritage

Brass Wall Sconce $99

Quoizel Edison 4" Wide Western Bronze

Wall Sconce $99

Congress 13 1/2"H Clear Glass Oil

Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce

Kichler Braelyn 9 1/2" High

Olde Bronze Wall Sconce $107

Feiss Urban Renewal 10 1/4" High

Rustic Iron Sconce $80


Congress 13" High Clear Glass Oil

Rubbed Bronze Wall Sconce $149

*Money Saving Alert: If you're totally loving the Artcraft Legno Rustico Dark Pine Wall Sconce, the Quoizel Edison Western Bronze Wall Sconce is SO similar and half the price. Mount it onto a piece of wood stained in a similar tone and you've saved yourself dollar dollar bills, y'all.

There are a lot more Oil Rubbed Bronze options in the budget friendlier choices. I'm pretty much right on the line as far as which finish I love more. True Story: I actually had made a decision on the bathroom sconces. But when I went to put in the order they were discontinued! Why?! It's actually the last lamp shown under the "totally reasonable pricing" lamps. I just had to have it in that brassy finish. It's now only available in oil rubbed bronze and chrome. I just don't completely love the lamp in those finishes. So the hunt continues...

Up to this point I've made little progress to show! Completing this task in a mere 6 weeks is looking unlikely. A disappointing craigslist exchange left us 2 days behind schedule with the new tub installation. But that was both a blessing and a curse. We've got a much nicer one that's deeper now. It's this one from Lowe's if you're interested in checking it out.

So far everything is coming together beautifully. At least everything looks very well coordinated and beautiful laying on the floor in the corner of my living room. My contractor is really wonderful and hard working so even if we miss the 6 weeks, it'll be very soon after.

There are loads of showstopping pieces in the space, but I think a subtle and beautiful detail like lighting can really tie together lots of eye catching elements and help make them make sense. That's what it'll do for us in our space. Lighting can also be the show stopper. So if you're working with a bland space that you're wanting pretty a pretty instant upgrade in, check out lighting. It's easy to swap lighting out and just skim above and you'll see possibilities are endless.

I hope you've found this post helpful and interesting. If you did, please be sure to leave a comment and give it a share!


  1. Love this post! I'm searching for lighting for a house we are building this spring. The number of choices is overwhelming!

  2. Well how about I just cover all the bases and comment EVERYWHERE - haha! I love the Kichler Braelyn but they're all pretty amazing and it's hard to choose a favorite! :)

  3. Like being in a candy store- they are all so fabulous. I think my favorite would be the nuvo wall sconce. ;-)


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