Christmas Decorating Shaming

christmas decorating shaming -NOT COOL!

I had to pop in today with a rant post and I hope that's OK. There aren't that many of you reading here so I figure I'm only offending a small population if it is offensive.

What does it have to do with you when I start decorating for Christmas?

It really grinds my gears when I see beautiful people sharing their holiday vignettes from last year with the caption that they're trying to be PC about when they took the picture. I shouldn't have to include a disclaimer as to when my picture was taken. It shouldn't offend you that I started pulling christmas decorations out November 1st.

If I want to decorate starting November 1st and it makes me happy to do so, why does that disgruntle others?

If you want to decorate November 1st and don't, why do you hold back for what others think?

cool story bro, but what does that have to do with when I decorate - adesignerathomedecorate whenever YOU want, Man. -adesignerathome

I can enjoy thanksgiving dinner surrounded with the people I'm grateful for with Christmas ornaments in the jar on my china cabinet.

Christmas ornaments sparkle and are beautiful. I have a few that are faceted that I like to leave in hurricane vases year round.

Because they make me happy.

Decorating to make myself happy does not infringe on anyone else's human rights.

I wish people made themselves happy without worrying about other people. It's a holiday. It's a celebration. There are no rules.

Pull out your decorations whenever you want to and don't give a single thought to when everyone else does it. Whether early, late or not at all- it shouldn't matter to anyone else.

It's a rough world. Even for those of us with stable jobs and healthy families. We need to be kinder to one another. Arguing or feeling shame over when we decorate for a holiday is unnecessary.

Don't add to the hate in the world. Add to your own happiness.

my holiday cheer starts when i want it to, not when your calendar tells me to - adesignerathome


  1. i don't know who said what or why they chose to be rude and mean. but you sure took care of them.

    and don't sell yourself short, i read you all the time and i bet there are lots more!

    so, take a couple of deep breaths, go in the bathroom and smile in the mirror (really) and this will definitely make you laugh. peppi

  2. Right?! It's so weird to me that people have such strong opinions about things that don't affect them or their lives even one tiny bit.

  3. Yes!! Who cares when people decorate?? I think people are all like "Don't forget about Thanksgiving!" I LOVE Christmas, but I also love Thanksgiving. I traditionally decorate the day after Thanksgiving., but I'm feeling like I'm not a good blogger if I don't decorate now. HA! I love pretty much everything you do, so don't worry about others.

  4. I may not agree with you that it is appropriate to begin decorating for Christmas on November 1, but I won't diss you for it. As long as you don't judge my family for beginning to decorate for Halloween in August! lol Seriously, as long as you aren't hurting anyone, decorate to your heart's content. Leave it up all year iffen ya want!

  5. I totally agree with you, decorate with whatever makes you happy. I collect teddy bears, they are all over our house, I mean all over, my hubby doesn't mind at all, he collects collectible knives and swords (I know what a combination huh?) my point is when we come in our door and are greeted so lovingly b y our Chihuahua (8months) and our Beagle 5yrs, we come into a home we love and who cares what anyone says, it makes us happy!!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing Sandie! It sounds like you've got a really happy home and that makes me happy!

  7. I think when you/we put yourselves out there via a BLOG there are some folks who take that as an invitation to tell YOU want they think...without thinking abut how it would make you feel. Trust me...they would never say it to your face..because you would be hurt and they would see it and then THEY would feel bad. I would honestly not waste one more minute of your awesome blog platform on them or that...but instead ...just keep doing what you are doing which is creating and sharing and making people smile!!!!

  8. Agreed! We do get worked up and self-righteous over silly things, don't we? I've heard that a lot, too, like it's one of the Ten Commandments..."thou shalt not decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving." This has been a good reminder to just let people do whatever it is that makes them feel happy.


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