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Hey guys,

I simply cannot believe Christmas is next week. It's crept up so fast and with the mild weather we've been having, it doesn't feel like Christmas should be here. But I'm loving the mild weather and I love Christmas. One things I did for myself this year was sign up for a couple subscription services. If you saw my Gift Guide for the Homebody, I highlighted a brand called GlobeIN.

This past year I've tried to make some changes in what I support with my purchases. Supporting small businesses, supporting local businesses, reducing my impact by buying green and second hand products. It can be a hard change when Target has been the "go to" for so long.

I was recently approached by a GlobeIN brand representative to try an artisan box. And I have to be honest, I love what they do. They're the connection that makes discovering and supporting small businesses and artisans easier.

They're a subscription based service, but you can buy single items, benefit boxes and artisan boxes at a single purchase price. You get a better deal when you sign up for multiple months of the artisan boxes. The benefit box includes a handcrafted item inside of a handwoven basket. The artisan box includes a handwoven basket filled with multiple items curated from around the world.

The December "Celebrate" box includes :

The first thing I pulled open was, of course, the chocolate. I normally buy chocolate from the sustainable and vegans section of my geocery store, so I'm happy to see this included. And it's a brand I haven't yet had the chance to try. It's delicious, I love it's message and I will be buying more.

equal exchange organic dark chocolate caramel crush with sea salt chocolate bar december 2015 globein subscription

The box also included a necklace, which has pretty little gold beads and black tassels (I will absolutely wear this, I bet it'll go great with a good white tee), a sampling of recycled paper ans fabric cards with coordinating envelopes, a table runner (this came in perfect timing for the dining room makeover coming after the new year), and the woven basket it was all tucked into.

handmade recycled paper and fabric cards

I am going to get a ton of use out of the baskets these come in. They're lidded so I can foresee using these for storing things I don't want out in the open whether they be ugly or I just don't want them to collect dust. The necklace is my style, but even if it weren't I could see this and the pouch it came in to be a really nice gift for the holidays. The table runner totally works with the boho vibe of my home.

The best thing of all, even more than just enjoying the products received, is the fact that small shop artisans are being supported through partnering with GlobeIN. I actually missed out on an item in their shop recently and was so bummed, but they chat about the artisans behind the products on their blog so I was able to track down the item and purchase it. I see this to be a service that I will actually go in and further support the artisans behind the items in the box.

december 2015 globein subscription

In the box comes a little booklet with stories behind the items in the box. If you sign up, I have to suggest you try holding the item as you read about it. There's an energy you'll appreciate in these pieces.

I've signed up for a 3 month subscription with my own money, so I can pop in and let you all know about future boxes, too. Thanks to GlobeIN, you can save 25% off your first month when you subscribe for 3 or 6 months with coupon code CORINNA. Check out previous themed boxes here and more about GlobeIN here.

artisan made curated monthly subscription box globein

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  1. Wow! I've never heard of this! This is awesome. I'll have to look into the subscription service. Great post. Pinning and sharing


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