How To: Fringed Wicker Plant Stand

boho fringe yarn skirt on vintage wicker plant stand - handmade creativity - it's so ugly it's cool challenge - adesignerathome

Ooh, I think you're going to love this one. We love thrift scores around here. Sometimes the struggle is seeing beyond the current state of an item. A simple clean up, alteration or full on makeover can take an ugly find to the jealousy inducing pieces we see on Etsy. Jess from Domicile 37 rallied up a group of bloggers who love taking thrift store/craigslist/yardsale/flea market finds and bringing new life to them. The name of the challenge: #ItsSoUglyItsCool.

You can join the fun, too. Simply tag your makeovers on Instagram and use the #ItsSoUglyItsCool tag. We'll be sharing our favorites on our accounts. Don't get stuck on the word “ugly." Basically what you need to do is to find used piece(s) (furniture, decor, vintage items, odd items, etc…) and show the BEFORE and AFTER of how you transformed the piece to fit in your home. You can DIY it, clean it, polish it, etc…Just share how you make it your own or how you add life to it.

There's going to be a pretty big divide on my project. I already know there are going to be people who feel very strongly that my "boho-ifying" of this piece is ridiculous and that it was better before. Oh well!

multi colored rasta inspired yarn skirt

I call it: Boho Fringed Wicker Plant Stand

It's like it's wearing a fun festival style skirt. And it allows me to throw plants into it that are still in their ugly store containers without it being visible through the weave. I love it. It's really as simple as picking out some kick ass yarn and cutting it to the length plus a little excess of the pot holding part. Knot it into the weave and knot additional pieces onto the first set.

the process of boho-ifying a plain wicker plant stand

I used this "Pueblo" colored yarn and this cool mixed yarn. And a couple episodes of mind numbing children's cartoons and I was finished knotting. I'm not quite a maximalist but I do like to live on the embellished side of life.

split leaf pothos in wicker plant stand with diy yarn fringe skirt

jungalow style bohemian decor diy yarn fringe on wicker plant stand

vintage wicker planter boho-ified with yarn fringe skirt

base of wicker plant stand planter

And because everyone loves a before and after. Here's a side by side comparison of my handiwork. It's kind of like a string wall hanging on a planter. In fact, that's exactly what this is, ha. I love string wall hangings because they're simple but look really, really good when you use good yarns and mix different textures. Here's one I made to look like a moroccan wedding blanket!

DSC00147boho fringe yarn skirt on vintage wicker plant stand - handmade creativity - it's so ugly it's cool challenge - adesignerathome

Even better than a before and after? MORE thrifted makeovers! Yes, my awesome blogging friends and I have a whole slew to share with you. Please give these wonderful ladies a visit:

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  1. I have a bohemian style at heart (I know it doesn't show up much in my home, but I do.) and I just love the before and after of this piece! What you've done with it really brings it to life though, calling wonderful attention to it. :)

  2. I really like what you did with this piece, especially with the plant in it, it brings out some of that hidden green in yarn.

  3. corinna.ah@gmail.comFebruary 23, 2016 at 2:25 PM

    Aw, thanks Jessica! I'm really happy to hear positive feedback on it. The yarn is frigging gorgeous and just isn't showing up as well in pictures.

  4. What a FUN way to spice up that planter! It totally fits your home!!! Great job!

  5. So pretty Corinna!! I love the colorful new look and ultra jealous of your plant. They look so healthy! I was thinking today that I actually remember you first post I ever read was your living room makeover and I knew I'd love your style. Super makeover!

  6. Ha! Thanks a ton Sara!

  7. I would love to see photos of your whole by room! your style is totally me and I just need some inspiration.

  8. So cute and boho!! Love it. It makes me want to add more color to my house. :)

  9. Well, you know I'm not going to say this is ridiculous! Maybe ridiculously creative! I love how happy it is, and if you ever get tired of it, it can always be undone Thrifted pieces are the perfect opportunity to take a risk, and you went for it. It came out great!

  10. . I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors


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