I Didn't Forget About The Bathroom

This post is for both those of you who have been here with me a while and for those who are brand new. I try to check in as often as possible here with home changes, advice, experiences and other more "interesting" posts than this one will be but I hate to leave a project hanging without much explanation.

For the Fall 2015 One Room Challenge, I decided to take on our bathroom. We'd already dug ourselves in a pretty deep hole trying to DIY a few things ourselves over the summer and it was past time to focus on the room. We hired our neighbor who was a former contractor turned stay at home dad to be the caregiver of his special needs daughter. He not only did loads of work in our bathroom, but he also moved the lines for our hot water heater into the house and installed our new Rheem unit. Once everything was in place, I was so burned out.

vintage bathroom taken global new tub and faucet and moroccan inspired tile going up

We didn't meet the 5 week deadline by a landslide and the basics weren't even in place to use the bathroom as a bathroom until December.

Once we were able to use the bathroom I honestly didn't want to have much to do with the space. I turned my focus to the holidays and a few other spaces in our house. So far the Living Room looks very different as does our bedroom. We've also begun giving our kitchen a facelift and have started chipping away at all the work our dining room needs. It's a lot of little projects that don't have a whole lot of progress done to share anything too exciting.

A Boho Globally Inspired bathroom renovation using patterned moroccan inspired tiles

But, I will be sharing a bit of that work now that we've finished with the hallway refresh. I have some small changes we made to spruce up our boring kitchen coming later this week and next week I have a few exciting things to share about the dining room (still far from finished and it may be this years One Room Challenge contendor).

The bathroom I'm slowly working my way back to working on those projects. Once I catch up on some of the things I haven't yet had the time to share here yet it'll go back to more real time projects with the bathroom.

peek of the bathroom and little details of the hallway

I hope I haven't frustrated or dissapointed any of you who initially came here because of that bathroom. It's really turned out so spectacular and I can't wait to share how it looks with all the little touches I've envisioned. Just hang tight with me! I promise there are so, SO many other things I'll have to share here that I'm sure you'll like!

Thanks for being here. This space brings me so much joy and having you here makes it so much more meaningful. I'll chat some more later.


  1. A refreshing post to be honest. There is this blogging stress to hurry and make big changes in small time but at the end what matters is the result more than how fast something was done.
    I like the bathtub tile you used and can't wait to see the end result. :)

  2. Thank you! At the end of the day, this blog is a journal of our experiences and it wouldn't be that without posts like these here and there. I'm glad you like the tile :D

  3. My bathroom remodel took me....2 years? You're working at lightning speed from my perspective ;)

  4. OH MY THAT TILE!!!! Love what's happening in your bathroom. Appreciate your honesty and hang in there. Once its fully done you won't remember the process too much just that gorgeous bathroom .....well maybe you'll remember the process. :)

  5. I'm loving your design choices! Those sneak peaks are killing me! The hallway turned out great as well.

  6. P.S. It's refreshing to see such honesty about bumps in the road. Looks like you have been so busy! You're doing great!

  7. Totally agree with two plus cute! There's always a rush to get things dome in a short amount of time but in reality, things take time and all decisions should be carefully considered. Keep on rockin' Corinna!!

  8. Wow, the tiling in the shower area looks great! Projects should evolve in YOUR time, not blog time... :) The bathroom is looking awesome.


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