A $20 Dresser Buffet

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I like using interesting dressers for a lot of things. Dressers make great dressers, but they also make great media cabinets, console tables, and buffets. For my dining room makeover I wanted to find an interesting dresser to use as extra storage much like I would use a traditional buffet in this space.

I needed something long to place all of my plants. And with drawers to hide crafting supplies for my boy. And it had to have some kind of interesting detail. It had to, of course.

As I would in any search for furniture, I spent some time checking craigslist and lo and behold, exactly what I needed for a price I needed popped up. If you checked in for Monday's post about my window treatments you already got a look at this piece. I finally had cleared out enough space to photograph it properly so here it is for thrift score thursday!

eclectic bohemian interiors old wooden dresser as dining room buffet and geometric teal planter with cactus

beat up old wooden dresser from craigslist with unique brass hardware for 20 dollars

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  1. love that dresser! love the brackets on it. and we have some of the same features! :)

  2. What? $20?! Unreal! I love your features - I feel like they would all work so well in your home!

  3. Um. That leather and chrome chair! Need it.

  4. That dresser is awesome! You have such great finds. :)

  5. That dresser is AWESOME and it was a steal of deal at only $20.

  6. Thanks Jessica! I'm glad you think so, that's super validating ;)

  7. I catch myself choosing favorites based on what I'd really want. Trying to branch out! ;)


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