Shelf Styling: with vintage and thrifted decor

I've been doing a lot of rearranging of the shelves in my living room lately and I realize there's a couple pieces I haven't mentioned for #thriftscorethursday yet. So I thought I'd share an updated look at those rustic industrial shelves and what new finds don them.

Starting from the top shelf, the thrifted piece that I've never shared before is the fat brown vase. I bought it years ago from a thrift store and it had been sitting in my dark china cabinet for too long. Here the bottle gets to sit out with some of my other brown glass bottles- I collect them!

The second shelf holds another thrift score that I hadn't yet found a great place to share it for #thriftscorethursday. My black metal globe. This cute little thing was $2 at the tiny thrift shop near my house. I've never seen anything like it before so I had to have it and save it for the right spot. On this shelf it works perfectly alongside all of my other eclectic treasures.

And the bottom shelf holds my final find for this week. The brown vase has a native american look to it. I'm not sure how to tell real pottery from fake pottery but I like it. And I enjoy global decor so hopefully it looks good enough to fit.

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I've been on an art kick lately so I had to include the Native American head. And then look at that beautifully retro space! Love the stacking foot rests. Those are too cool! And then there's a pink ukulele. It's my pink ukulele's twin!

12751103_1677199659219532_2037028456_nvia @uptick_interiorstyling

12822382_1397959280503662_1601457387_n via @uptick_interiorstyling
10632189_1077358412310895_1209229295_nvia @erin_coleen


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Have you scored anything good recently? You have to know by now that we want to see!

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As is always the case, I would be ecstatic to get my own hands on any and all of these scores and use them in my home. Visit the features and give them a kudos for a thrift well done ?

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  1. i loved that doe art, too, and i had it narrowed between that and the indian chief but emmy made the final pick for me. i personally loved the chief head but emmy wasn't feeling it. and it helps me work at home when the kids are home when i let her be involved. ;)

  2. Just started following all you girls who put on #thriftscoretursday! Thanks for hosting - I look forward to joining!

  3. Yay! Thanks for checking out the #thriftscorethursday crew! :D

  4. Awww that's so sweet! I would guess that would be her choice.

  5. That little metal globe is so unique - I've never seen anything like it either, but I would have been totally drawn to it as well! Great features this week too!


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