The Ornate Wood Cabinet I've Avoided Talking About

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Hey There! So I guess I'll just dive in, instead of beating around the bush about this piece. Lookie what I recently picked up!

thrifted ornate cabinet with cool hardware

It's not real wood. And there's a small spot of damage that you can't even see when skimming this picture. I didn't realize it wasn't real wood until I saw it. But I still LOVED the hardware. So I bought it for the $60 anyways. But then we got it home and I noticed the damage on the door. It's hollow. Coolest hollow core door ever? Maybe. But that makes it a bit difficult when wanting to leave the piece as is.

So I avoided talking about it because I was so certain that I was going to patch the hole and paint the whole piece. I definitely think it'd look cool painted. But I just didn't wanna. It's not the final decision. But for now, I'm not painting it.

So anyways... Let's look at some fab features, mkay?

Just... YASSS. Loving and crushing hard on that epic basket collage.

Wouldn't this little guy look so cute in a boho kids room? (Now I have to find one for my boy!)

I'm ga-ga for this hand carved cactus, too!

Oscar kills it every time. #Designgoals

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  1. Those door detail would look pretty amazing painted but I understand living with it for a while before you decide. Love your finds, how did I miss that little cactus? Love it!

  2. for some reason your features aren't showing up for me as pictures? but i do love that cabinet and think it will look really cool and sort of moroccan painted!

  3. YES! I love love love that little camel - I meant to feature it too and somehow it slipped through! :D

    I would never know your cabinet wasn't real wood if you hadn't said it... That being said and going off of Cassie's comment, it could look amazing in a Moroccan-inspired teal and maybe some studding/rivets? I just googled "teal Moroccan door" and whoa... Now I want to recreate one!

  4. Any Color suggestions? It has to be painted eventually!


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