Wainscotting Plans & Lighting

It's time to check in on the progress of our dining room makeover. The design for the space is overall eclectic with strong boho notes and a retro vibe. This past week has been incredibly stressful with a lot of intense life changes. So progress has slowed and it looks like it may hurt the overall project getting completed. Whaaa!

I'll briefly gloss over the big stressor and that is my job! There was a huge issue that they don't want to resolve so I've been voluntold that my last day is May 13th. Without set income, my cute wainscotting plans are on the back burner. And this totally sucks, but we've already started work on the roof (and that needed to be done ages ago). So we need to be careful about our spending here on out.

But the plans were really cute! Wanna see my terrible sketch?

rough mission style wainscoting plans for dining room

It's supposed to be a simple flat panel design with strong mission/arts and crafts influence. I love mission style home details so this was going to be that special touch. I have a fireplace mantle that's way too big my husband and I are having a bit of fun figuring out how to resize it. We can still put that in place even if the the rest of the feature isn't panning out.

Lighting and art arrived! None of it has been installed because the art and the 2 swing arm lights are supposed to go above the fireplace and I was waiting because of the trim work but since that's on hold we'll go ahead and move along with that. And the overhead light I'm waiting to install until we've got our table situation figured out.




Hobson Bronze and Antique Brass 17" High Wall Sconce


Uttermost Albiano Drum 1-Light Pendant

I'm using the hairpin legs from the round table I thrifted from Craigslist way back and we're making a table top. It's taking longer than was planned which was also a bummer because I had planned on having it finished in time for It's So Ugly It's Cool. But my gals totally rocked it and you can check out their projects: Framed Graphic Prints for Under $10, Dresser to Media Stand MakeoverIt’s So Ugly It’s Cool: Kitchen Table Setchinoiserie to velvet reupholstered vintage couch, How to Update a Thrifty Vase, and Thrifted Find | A Pretty Welcoming Vase.

What's Left? My revised budget friendly list is:

  • Wallpaper

  • Finish Table Top

  • Install Lighting

  • Hang art

  • Resize and Install fireplace mantle and surround

Unless I make enough in sales from my craigslist listings, I will reuse chairs I already have to go with the table. I also have a really cool fabric I'll hem down for a tablecloth (but that's not in my final to do list, that may wait until later). And I want to get some of my plants hung instead of all over every surface I can clear off.

Progress I did make was getting the china cabinet cleared out and moved into the kitchen. And the rolling cart that was on that wall is emptied, cleaned and listed on Craigslist. Progress made? Yes. Still lots to do? Yup! Plans changed much? Absolutely! Ha, wish me luck!

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Huge Thank You To Lamps Plus, Minted, Wallpaper BoulevardRusInUrbeHome and Purdy for providing product to make this space happen!


  1. Love the wainscotting plans, hopefully things will work out so that it can come to fruition sooner than later. Sometimes the loss of a stressor job is worth the loss of income if you are totally miserable. I had one that my made me cry all the time. When my husband said "your never happy anymore" and I knew it was time to go. Best of luck, maybe an even better opportunity is out there waiting.

  2. Good luck with the life transition! Life happiness is more important overall than room happiness and there will always be time later to change things! I love the art and lighting though!

  3. Hate the stress with your job, but I think Maggie made a great point above. I had a really difficult job once, and even though my current job isn't my dream, it's amazing how much better it is just to work somewhere you are treated well. Hope that next great opportunity finds you soon. In the meantime, I still think your room is going to be amazing! I love all the elements, but I'm especially digging that pendant. As I was scrolling it caught my eye how it kind of echoes your blog header. Keep on keeping on, girl--you're doing great.

  4. Sorry things are so stressful right now! I hope it's the start of better things for you (and your dining room still going to be fabulous :))


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