Different Ways To Light Up A Yard

Different Ways to Light Up A Yard

Having just wrapped up a large portion of a curb appeal project, I learned and discovered different options for illuminating the yard. So, like I love to do here, I want to share what I found with you. Between solar lights, motion sensing lights, garden stakes, plug-in, hard-wired, ambient and security lighting, there's a lot to navigate. I've found using multiple lights to be the best scenario for our yard.

  • Main Porch Light

    • Something attractive that matches the exterior, interior and style of the neighborhood is definitely important. Coordinating with the other

    • For safety reasons, it's good to make sure this light is hard wired. So it can't purposefully or accidentally be unplugged or compromised if the weather doesn't permit it be recharged.

    • Sensitive motion sensing lights can be helpful if you have visitors coming late at night but you don't want to leave your porch light running constantly. I don't know about your house, but if my light is running non stop, you don't want to walk out onto that porch because every moth in the neighborhood is flying under it. With it set to high sensitivity, it cuts on when it senses a car driving past so it's pretty good!


  • Strategically Placed Security Lights

    • No matter the neighborhood, it's a good idea to have lighting in the dark corners around the property. It helps deter potential burglars, property theft, peeping toms (just keeping it real) and helps you from tripping or falling into holes.

    • It pays to shop around a bit and find a light with added features. Motion sensing lights that not only cut on with movement, but whose sensitivity can be adjusted are helpful if you have trouble with a light getting tripped too often. I find it helps, too, to have one that will stay on for a bit after it detects the motion has stopped. And lights that cut on with nightfall and off again with the morning sun are helpful because we already have enough to remember, right?


  • Ambient Lighting

    • Lightly illuminate seating areas and gardens for an ethereal glow and for ambiance. I like to plop a few around my front porch so it can be enjoyed even in the middle of the night. Sometimes stars and the sounds of crickets are irresistible.

    • For these lights, I like to use something solar powered since I prefer them to be a set it and forget it without being a drain on my electric bill.

    • Plus, it's been said that bugs like roaches don't like light. So I may be extra hopeful in thinking these may help but I'm willing to try anything little tricks to keep those things away from the house.


  • Decorative Lighting

    • So we've covered illuminating the garden, covering dark corners and making sure the front is lit. But how about the places you want to hang out? Tabletop lamps help make an outdoor space feel more cozy and can even be found in solar power. String lights add a whimsical ambiance and spot lights add focus to parts of your house and yard you want to show off.


Using different intensities of light in different parts of your yard with different functions adds safety, accessibility and attractiveness to your yard. Everything from drinking morning coffee, to late night guests to letting your dog out before bed, choosing the lights that work best for the demands your outdoor spaces needs will life a bit easier.

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