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Eclectic Home Tour- friday

Hey, What's Up? Hello!

I'm so glad you've popped in today. Today and this upcoming Monday will show you all of the "finished" rooms in our house. It's summertime and my beautiful friend Jess from Domicile 37 invited a bunch of your favorite bloggers to share our homes virtual tour style! All of the blogger's who've shared their homes this week have some variation of the "eclectic" style. So basically, if you haven't checked out the tours this past week- you're missing out!

In case you don't live in the South (or the USA, because I suppose the holiday isn't relevant otherwise), Summer kicked off last weekend! I do hate a short spring but there's something magical about summertime that makes up for it. Part of that magicalness of summer is how our interiors change to reflect a different lifestyle.
If you're here from Primitive and Proper, hello! You may have visited me before since Cassie and I cohost Thrift Score Thursday along with 2 more of our friends. If you haven't, you've been missing out! Welcome to my Boho Abode. You'll get a crash course on a lot of the work I've done on my house the past few months.

For me, summer is about baking in the sun for a few hours whether it just be enjoying the sounds of the neighborhood, playing with my little, gardening or working on my latest project. Then it's time to hit the air conditioned house for the hottest point of the day for a nap. And then it's an in and out evening involving cleaning up, making dinner, enjoying the sound of crickets and watching the sunset.

On the tour today I'm going to show you a little bit of our hallway since there's already been some changes since it's reveal at the beginning of the year and then I'll show you how I've redecorated my bedroom.

I hope you have some good tea and music because I have a lot of pictures to show you!

Leaving the living room and entering the hallway, you see a giant floral piece of art. I love it because it helps to bring the outdoors to a space that has no direct connection to the outdoors. The hallway light is also set pretty far down the hallway so I have this swing arm for addition light. It's perfect for late night runs to the bathroom since it's on a dimmer.

large scale art brightens up a dark hallway

When you first look down the hallway your eyes will likely fall on one of two cool pieces. My large blue mirror (that I picked up off the side of the road and repaired and painted myself!) or the sputnik with edison bulb light fixture.

I do eventually plan on moving this light into the kitchen since it is just one touch above what I need and want for this space. But the mirror I only just recently pulled in here. I had a different mirror here first but moved it into the dining room and pulled this one back out. The proportion of it to the drawers is a bit off but these drawers are here temporarily as I've got them.

boho eclectic hallway

The first door to the right is the coat closet. It in major need of a coat closet makeover since it's mostly junk storage at the moment.

Boho decorated hallway

Beyond that is a thrifted, handmade and creatively thrown together hallway art wall. Opposite the random baskets, custom pieces and personalized art, the door to the furnace houses all the cleaning supplies and tools and the next door is the linen closet.

thrifted, handmade and creatively thrown together hallway decor

Passing the artwork there's the 3 bedrooms and bathroom (I swear I'm finishing that room up shortly- expect pictures in the next month!). One of the bedrooms is my "office" and the other is Carson's old room turned hubby's temporary bedroom (while I was working and he was leaving for work at 1/2am every morning- it sounds weird but it worked for us for that time!). Those rooms are absolutely terrible and I hope to get them in some kind of respectable shape soon.

trash to end of hallway mirror with view of the edison bulb sputnik inspired light fixture

But then you turn past the mirror and chest or drawers and you see my room! I had to keep the light off and the tapestry closed to prevent blow out so the pictures are a bit dark but that also means you can see more. I'm going to keep working on a solution, no worries!

from the hallway to the bedroom

My bedroom is super tiny. It's about 10 by 12 feet. With a 4 by 4 foot closet and no master bath. A lot of people cannot even imagine what that's like! Ha. I've managed to get a bench, vanity, chair, pull 9 drawer dresser, bed and two nightstands into the space. Yes, it involved thinking out of the box a bit. But I'm really happy with the space.

Bohemian eclectic bedroom tour

garden stool and pretty scarf make a perfect small space nightstabd

thrifted $5 lamp with wood and hobnail milk glass ball

reflection of boho tapestry and bohemian bedding

garden stool with pretty pink silk scarf make a simple bedside table when space is tight

hydrangea in hanging handmade vase beside floral tapestry curtain

a creative homeowner's unique spin on window treatments

handmade wallhanging thrifted macrame planter and unique plant art

handmade moroccan wedding blanket wall hanging

creating a cozy cave like bedroom space

painted closet door and useful out in the open jewelry accessory and clothing storage

fitting a vanity into a small bedroom and using creativity as decor

boho scarves and macrame work in progress window treatment

miniature paper lantern garland

Lots of texture and pattern and color in this bedroom

old vintage solid wood table serves as plant stand and nightstand

multiple rugs and textiles layers

large nightstand for lots of books and a big plant

blue bedding on wood bed in front of colorful tapestry

bohemian alternative nightstands bedding and art

Since the first week of summer had a lot of clouds and rain for us, these aren't the brightest of photos. But I hope you enjoyed the look into my home. And pro tip: keeping your windows covered during the hottest times of the day can help keep your house cooler ;)

You now need to head over to Suburban Bitches. Tricia is awaiting your arrival to tour her home. Thanks for visiting you guys, have a great weekend!

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bohemian bedroom with tapestry curtain and headboard, hand dyed bedding, multi textures

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  1. Great tour and your bedroom is so stylish. It looks a lot bigger than 10x12. Your hallway gets me all the time. Love!

  2. Crushing hard over your hallway. Seriously, I love how you pulled it together. Also, is that duvet new? I don't remember it from your last room reveal? I love the texture/design on it.

  3. Loveeeeee! Corinna I love your tour. I loved seeing your bedroom and the blankets are great! In love with your vanity set!!!

  4. BoHo Chic for sure. Love all your colors and collected finds. Such a great tour!

  5. i just love your bedroom! the mix in there between the curtains, bedding, blankets is perfection. and your hall just gets better and better.
    our last house had a tiny master bath, a closet that was so awkward to get to and about 4x2 with a 2' opening. we had a little powder room off our room but it was pointless... so i can totally imagine where you are at! i get it! and you know what, it's not bad because love grows in small spaces!

  6. The macrame! I love it. Did you make it yourself? I finally found a beaut of one at an estate sale last week and drove an hour and a half to acquire it only to see it being carried out the door by someone else as I approached. I was livid to learn they let the earlybirds in before the designated time. Who does that? I've been watching for two solid years to acquire a vintage piece and was nearly in tears when I left without it. Needless to say, it marked the end of a fantastic streak I was on for the past month.

  7. So good, Corinna! Your hallway is just what I'm going for in our entry area. I need to mix in some 3D pieces to our gallery wall. And all the rattan is killer! Fantastic.

  8. I want to come over and just RAID your house!!! Aside from all the rattan and wall hangings, I LOOOOOOVE your bedding! Great color, great style... the best! Looks amazing!

  9. Love the new blue mirror and that large floral print in the hallway!! Looks so good. Yay! We get to see the bedroom. Love how cozy, fun, vibrant, and so Corinna style it is. Beautiful.

  10. YAY! The light!!!! I've been so out of blog reading lately, I have no idea if you shared pictures of it previously, but I was wondering where it ended up - looks so good in your beautiful bedroom!
    I'm really enjoying watching your boho style evolve! Your house looks beautiful, friend!

  11. Your hallway and bedroom are fabulous! You execute "bohemian eclectic vintage" so well. :)


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