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I don't remember dedicating a whole lot of time chatting about our bathroom lighting situation so today I'm going to make sure I've covered all my bases. A lot of designers like to make a statement with their lighting choices. And while I may be the person who chose to stick a sputnik in a small hallway, I actually prefer to choose lighting that understated but still pretty. Because I like to have a lot going on in a space, I like to leave visual space for the eye to wander on all the pieces I've painstakingly pulled together.

So in the bathroom, that's just what I did. I chose lighting that was pretty, affordable and that would blend in with the space. Because after spending $300 on the mirror, I wanted to ensure it got the spotlight that budget deserved.

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Seeded glass, old world bronze sconce in bathroom

When I was debating which lighting to put into this space, I was torn between using a bronze finish and an oil rubbed bronze finish. In the end, they both would have worked beautifully in the space, but I went with the oil rubbed bronze because the mirror is gold. And I didn't want too much gold on gold. In retrospect, if the light I wanted was available in gold, I probably would have preferred that at this point. Not that I don't love the current choices, I just theorize the lighter color may have looked slightly better.

So, which sconce did I choose?

Kichler Braelyn 9 1/2" High Olde Bronze Wall Sconce

There is one on either side of the mirror.

And why?

I'm a fan of things that hang and/or have the appearance of hanging. I don't know the specific reasoning behind it, but I gravitate towards it. I also really like the look of the seeded glass. I feel like these particular lights have both a vintage and modern feel to them.

They're also not very big. At 9 and a half inches tall, they don't overwhelm the space.

I did end up using LED bulbs instead of the edison bulbs they came with because the edison bulbs are very yellow and I couldn't find any that weren't yellow. Since I do my makeup at this mirror frequently, I needed something that didn't alter the colors on my face (that foundation match struggle is real).

Is there any other lighting in the space?

Yes. We decided to keep the ceiling light/fan combo to help keep the space within budget. It works perfectly. And it wasn't within our budget to have our contractor install a new one. Installing lighting I'm comfortable with, but the fan part took this out of my comfort zone.

Between the sconces, ceiling light and the bright window, we have plenty of lighting in this space. If the time ever comes to add an additional bathroom to the house, I wouldn't hesitate the consider these lights or similar for that space.

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  1. Beautiful choice! It's a light fixture that will look great for many years to come. Also? I LOVE that mirror.

  2. Oooooh Yes! I love that sconce. I don't really have sconces in my bathroom, but I love these. I will have to reconsider them. I just didn't want to do the wiring. hahahaha

  3. I love what you picked! Personally, I have the hardest time with bathroom lighting. It seems like it can either make or break the space. But seriously, you rocked this!

  4. Great choice on the sconces. I think it complements the mirror perfectly!


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