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global boho art styled spaces

To piggy back on yesterday's post about adding art as a layer of a globally decorated space, I wanted to round up some of my favorite art that has global boho flair to it. Since thrifting isn't accessible to everyone and a lot of art on places like Etsy are first come first serve, I went with Minted as the retailer I'll feature today because there's essentially enough to go around for all of you who read here should you decide to buy a piece or not. So how about some global boho art to feast your eyes on today?

Hopefully you'll find something here today that you love. Enjoy browsing!

My Global Boho Art Picks

Black & White:

5 leavesegyptcasa



MIN-M4X-GNA-007_A_APZAlternate Street Moroccohut




moroccoSummertime Sunrisemorocco2




MIN-VEF-MGA-007_A_APZ folkabstract



block printfreequilt




palmsummeretched plant


And the latest piece to enter my home is this " Idalia" print. I put her above my blue fireplace because... color!

idalia: global boho art print

Everything from the depictions of the land, to inspiration of the culture. They all add a flavor and level on interest to decorating spaces. Choosing global art for your interiors is definitely a great choice for the fan of eclectic.

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