Small Porch Essentials


7 Small Porch Essentials

Since we just wrapped up a bit of makeover on our front porch and created a porch patio, I thought it'd be fun to share what my porch essentials were. Being the space that greets us every time we get home and that greets our guests, I wanted it to be a space I put some special thought into it.

A porch that I can actually hang out on and enjoy is important for me because it's where I greet neighbors to hang out and chat. It's also where I supervise my son playing games in the street. The amount of porch essentials will vary depending on how you use your space. So think about your space and how you use it as you peruse these ideas below:

[caption id="attachment_4344" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Table:[/caption]

Every gathering space has to have a lot of seating. I'm an introvert, but when I do have guests over I want them to be comfortable. There's a seat for everyone. Some of my friends like sitting in my peacock wicker chairs because it's fun and makes them feel special. Others prefer getting cozy on a couch.

Plants. Get to know how much sun your porch gets and find a plant that will thrive there. Start with one and work your way up to many. A lot of porches benefit from using hanging planters, so if you have an overhang, give it a go and see if it works for you. Plants add life and interest, they're a perfect accessory. Check out my pro plant purchasing tips guide for ways to get all my plant buying advice.

[caption id="attachment_4349" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Welcome Mat:[/caption]

A welcome mat. Yes, duh, but I think it's worth mentioning and adding that it should be one that is large enough to be practical and proportional to the size of your house. Too often I see larger homes with dinky little mats. They just look silly.

Pop of color. A pop of color can be as vibrant or muted as you want, but I think it's important for adding interest to a space (unless you're a rockstar at a neutral monotone look). I used a mint color to help incorporate the beachy vibes of the neighborhood we live in. I also pulled in orange to contrast with the mint.

Carefully chosen lighting. Evaluate what your purposes your porch needs to serve and your security needs and choose lighting that makes sense. There are lots of different ways to light up a yard so definitely check out your options.

[caption id="attachment_4347" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Rug:[/caption]

Bring in textiles. Whispy curtains, cushions, rugs: they all make a porch feel cozier. If you want to actually be on your porch, give it some of the same comfort you'd give any other room of your house. Not only did I bring pillows into my porch patio, I also picked up a small area rug that could be thrown in the wash easily.

Accessories. Obviously you don't want to go too crazy and it's good to keep weatherproofing in mind. But a cute lantern, handmade banner, windchimes or a citronella candle or two. Those added little touches bring a bit of fun and personality in.

And once you pull all those items together, you'll have a welcoming and comfortable patio. Even if your space doesn't have enough room for a chair, you can still do other little things to make the space warm, inviting and charming.

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