The Newest Addition To Our House

I said goodbye to  good ol' brown couch last night. It may seem silly, and so many of you guys loved that sofa, but I was worried it wouldn't fair well much longer with my destructive 4 year old.

So, a short moment of silence, shall we?

And now I'd love to introduce you to its replacement:


It's bigger and the most comfortable sofa I've ever owned (and I have actually owned one of those 3 piece sets brand new from a furniture store).

The previous owner had it custom reupholstered about 6/7 years ago in this fabulously whimsical fabric. She even used the word whimsical, and I love whimsical. Perfect, no?

Whimsical elephant sofa fabeic

I wish I'd had a chance to take a styled pic of it. But since the other sofa didn't sell until yesterday evening, the living was quite a mess beforehand. Keep an eye on my Instagram since that's likely where I'll get the first styled pic up ?

And now...

My Favorites from #ThriftScoreThursday

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Thrift Score Thursday Cassie
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  1. I know exactly how you feel about your brown sofa. I had a mid-century sectional that I replaced for the same reason, kids are hard on furniture and you want to be comfy in your own home. But I must warn you just because you love the new sofa doesn't mean you won't regret getting rid of the old one, like forever! Can't wait to see the new guy fitting right in.

  2. ooooh i can't wait to see this in your home!!!!

  3. Oh wow - that is one fabulous sofa! I love the legs and arm details! And comfort is a HUGE factor - it's why we don't have either leather Chesterfield anymore! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled on Instagram for a peek! :D


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