Whats on my vintage lane credenza

What does a rattan tray, campaign style coaster set, soda crate, doll size peacock chair and wooden puzzle have in common?

They're all on my vintage Lane credenza!

Bohemian decorated vintage lane credenza

Can I be honest for a minute? Sometimes I thrift a lot, sometimes I don't thrift much at all. My mood and funds play a big part in those swings.

I don't always share what I pick up as soon as I buy it because I forget/want to style it/have something else I want to share and don't want to overwhelm an entire post. And then I forget what I have and have not shared.


So for the next few weeks while I'm on a "no spend" (nope, that's not me crying. Just cutting onions ?) I'll take you around different areas of my home and go over everything I thrifted in that vignette/wall/furniture decorating.

Let's snoop about the surface of my vintage Lane dresser then shall we?

Doll sized wicker peacock chair, bone inlay inspired frame, agate slice collection on soda crate, wooden puzzle

(Yes, a basket fell off my wall and I didn't pick it up ?)

Of course there's my peacock on peacock on peacock set up with the thrifted doll sized peacock chair with the peacock feather with the peacock clip.

Soda crate with rock and agate collection and a wooden puzzle

And in the middle of the credenza/media cabinet, I have my soda crate with agate, crystal and stone collection. And a wooden puzzle I picked up recently at Goodwill. This puzzle ended up being harder than it looked, but I still play around with it for a challenge.

Rattan tray with campaign style coaster set

And on the far right I've moved the rattan tray up here and it keeps the little target vase I picked up on clearance that I use for incense, an apothecary jar for the ugliest, and candle, my box of nag champa, and a box of coasters with a campaign style look.

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  1. Love it all! Have a great day!

  2. that puzzle looks like such fun! and i love that peacock chair of course. i have a hard time not featuring them all but then it would become peacock chair thursday and it doesn't have as nice of a ring to it.

  3. I have to disagree. Peacock Thursday sounds like it could be the next big thing hahaha.

  4. Thanks friend! I hope you have a great day, too!

  5. I love this post and I LOVE seeing where thrift finds end up! I mean, it's fun to see them, "Oh yay! I found a mini peacock chair!" But then it's even better and more inspirational to see them styled! That soda crate with the agate collection is THE BOMB!

  6. Great post I agree with Brynne, I love seeing you thrifted finds in use. I love puzzles of all kind, your wooden looks so cool.
    I don't know why but this "my peacock on peacock on peacock set up " made me giggle so much ?

    Thanks for letting me hang with you ladies today!

  7. What a great dresser and a great way to share things we've already thrifted but not shared, love these other finds too!


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